Magnet of Doom

Magnet of Doom

Broke French ex-paratrooper turned amateur boxer Michel Maudet becomes bodyguard for the fugitive corrupt banker Ferchaux.

A down on his luck French ex-paratrooper turned amateur boxer takes a job as a private secretary and bodyguard for a corrupt French banker who is on the run from French authorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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B M (us) wrote: Great under rated movie. Well Done Ryan!!

Michael M (us) wrote: Would do rather anything other than watch this horribly acted mash-up of Clue and Saw? Yes, because this movie was terrible.

Karsh D (es) wrote: imagine Die Hard with a mixture of Alien, Robocop and Terminator then take away the budget and your just about there. Enjoyable enough but has a mid 80's feel to it than mid 90's.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Troy F (it) wrote: I got a "The Warriors" vibe off of this, unsurprising that it's directed by Walter Hill who did that film too. Streets Of Fire is a film with a unique setting that's a cross between the 50's in production design and wardrobe and 80's in music and character personalities. A popular rockstar female is kidnapped by a ruthless gang, and her ex-boyfriend tough hero Cody returns home, and takes care of business HIS way. Michael Pare's acting isn't always in top form, coming off Stallone-ish in terms of dumbing down dialogue and a bit wooden, but there's something about his careefree nature and hiding emotion in favor of looking tough that makes his character so cool and admirable. The film doesn't break any ground, but it does stand out for having a unique production design and some solid, even if straightforward action. The music sequences stretch a bit long, but otherwise Streets Of Fire is a cultish flick that's worth a look for 80's cult movie people and to see The Warriors with a bit more a thicker story and 80's touch.

Tracey c (es) wrote: Haven't seen the film yet...

Michael G (fr) wrote: When Executive Suite started and the credits rolled off the names that made up the powerhouse cast (finishing with directing credit going to the late, great Robert Wise) I thought I was in for a greatly underrated and overlooked classic. When the end credits rolled I by no stretch of the imagination felt the same way. The first half hour to 45 minutes of Executive Suite started off strong enough but eventually turned into an instructional video about how to helm a hostile takeover. The cast was good enough even if there wasn't nearly enough Barbara Stanwyck. Not enough of my interest was held for me to get the details but by the time William Holden delivered that Rynd-esque speech at the end I didn't really care enough to recommend this movie. But then again my DVR cut off at the very end.

Nick C (gb) wrote: A strange film. A good one, but just...strange. Maybe it's Nicolas Cage's whispery "Seth..."

Kyle E (jp) wrote: The GOOD: Simple enough plot for a simple enough action movie. The premise (though absurd) is interesting enough to get you excited, but not too convoluted to lose you. I enjoyed the action and the creativity of the badass cars! Also, Tyrese Gibson's performance is rather unexpectedly respectable. The BAD: This movie suffers from a clear lack of budget. Substandard cinematography and poor writing throughout. Also, the movie seemed to take itself a bit too seriously...and not seriously enough at the same time. Statham and Natalie Martinez wanted the movie to be gritty, serious, and grounded. On the flip-side, the acting and writing for Joan Allen's and Clarke's characters are so ridiculously bad, I couldn't tell if the movie was aiming to be humorous! Koehler, the comic relief I suspect, never made me laugh or smile once. Should you see it? Go in with the expectation of seeing of seeing "just another action movie" and walk away feeling moderately satisfied.

Jerico T (es) wrote: The Do's and Dont's of the Beefcake stripper world.

Paul D (us) wrote: The second half feels a little sluggish, but this is still a decent police procedural with a relatively gritty, urban feel.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: I can't believe this movie is getting bad ratings. Something is wrong.This movie deserves at least 75% +

Darren H (kr) wrote: Epic-length man-soap opera.