Magnificat is a 1993 Italian drama film directed by Pupi Avati. It was entered into the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

During the Middle Ages, a traveling executioner hires an apprentice to learn the finer points of torture and execution, and a young girl is given by her parents to a Catholic convent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (us) wrote: I don't find morbid obesity that funny, it's just gross. I couldn't watch more than a few minutes. Honey Boo-Boo fans might love this though.

Mad M (ca) wrote: Not a bad zombie flick, but not great. It's more drama than zombie-action most of the movie. There are some cool practical zombie survival ideas, but some big misses too (e.g. often the characters run through hordes of zombies and merely push them away). Acting isn't very good, but there's no big names so everyone seems fresh.

Connie H (fr) wrote: Just saw this movie and was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be a cheesy Mexican "shoot'em up" film, but it's not. It does have a lot of action, but it's very well choreographed and done very much as "tongue in cheek" humor. If you're a Quentin Tarantino fan or liked "El Mariachi," you'll probably get a kick out of this one, it's a hoot! :D

Nicole D (it) wrote: I wish I could've seen this back when it was released in 2004... These documentaries are so very disturbing & alarming but they need to be seen! These countries are running together but appear to be "against" each other. The leaders of these countries are indeed working together against their people.

Ben F (es) wrote: A NECESSARY sequel for those ITCHING for more Transporter and will FIEND until they watch the third installment.

Adam R (fr) wrote: Apparently young rebels grow up to be cranky old men.

Jason R (ca) wrote: Funny thing I remember about this movie is the setting in Eeire, Pennsylvaina on Gore rd. Well there really is a Gore rd. in the real Erie, PA. There is an East Gore Rd. and a West Gore Rd. kinda ironic eh?

Chris D (fr) wrote: Great Hammer studios classic that has NOTHING to do with Dracula or even vampires. Ingrid Pitt stars in this semi-true tale of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

Danny T (mx) wrote: I love disaster films and found this particular film really good. The plot is good with a lot of twists and turns. There is a fair amount of action to keep the viewer interested. I would recommend this film.

Beth P (ag) wrote: I can't forget all the songs in this movie, I salute the father's love to his children (just like papa)...

Wellington O (br) wrote: In this film, Sally Field is not an actress. She's a force of nature. What a performance! As Norma Rae she does so easily what Julia Roberts tried to do as Erin Brockovich. Sally succeeded, while Julia... Well...