Magnum Force

Magnum Force

"Dirty" Harry Calahan is a San Francisco Police Inspector on the trail of a group of rogue cops who have taken justice into their own hands. When shady characters are murdered one after another in grisly fashion, only Dirty Harry can stop them.

As a crime movie, Magnum Force concentrates on the story of Dirty Harry. He is on the trail of vigilante cops who are not above going beyond the law to kill the city's undesirables. A man has to know his limitations, so what will happen with him? Let's enjoy this movie! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Magnum Force torrent reviews

My name is not Jullian (ag) wrote: odd love story, great cast

Jeff M (us) wrote: Perhaps some of the worse montages in the history of film. Spader does get the job done with his performance, but everyone else is just along for the ride.

Robert B (nl) wrote: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a fun Italian comedy and, despite the cover art and description, it is rated PG. On the disc I received, the transfer looked good and subtitles were fine. It is a good-looking film; Mastroianni's amusing charm and the fiery beauty of Loren make for an entertaining view.

Ron L (fr) wrote: One of Audie Murphy's superior westerns with a strong supporting cast including Stephen McNally and Faith Domergue. Top line western.

Chrisanne S (gb) wrote: Not their best, but that last scene is fun.

Simon D (ag) wrote: After watching the first episode and reading the other reviews, i have decided not to continue with this.

Thomas S (au) wrote: Man this was a bad movie just it's bad