Since the dawn of time magic users have availed their Mysterious Power to ward off evil and heal the body. Throughout history wizards, sorcerers and magicians have practiced in secrecy, keeping their powers hidden, guided by the Wizard's Code. But there are some who desire mastery over others and attain the highest level of magic to gain it. Even just one Wizard, obsessed with his own power, can threaten their secret world. This one is called the MAGUS. When Felix, a broken down healer learns that the Magus has abandoned the Wizards Code and is using his power for evil, he is forced to come out of reclusion and find a way to turn his healing energy into a killing force. As this improbable hero starts training for his inevitable duel, the Magus continues using his magic powers to kill off all of the Secret Chiefs

A broken-down healer, learns the Magus has abandoned the Wizard's Code and is using his power for evil. Forced to come out of reclusion, this improbable hero finds an improbable assistant -- his teenage niece. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Magus torrent reviews

Lloyd W (it) wrote: worth watchin once. Megan goode though...

Solomon G (ag) wrote: One of the funnest movies I've seen on Syfy. Really goofy fun.

Lee M (mx) wrote: Writer/director Leutwyler has a unique idea here but he doesn't know if wanted to do a comedy or a drama -- so he ends up doing both half-assed.

Vasco M (mx) wrote: It's disappointing to see Sandler default to jokes that he's used before, albeit in a slightly different context or making a different kind of reference. It's not something he hasn't done before, but Blended is particularly guilty of being bland and uninteresting. The Happy Madison formula still works but the lack of effort present in the writing is beginning to show.

Eduardo C (jp) wrote: Poignant, heartfelt story about a janitor and all the people he touches. I was pleasantly surprised. One of those films you wish was much longer.

Michael M (mx) wrote: Really pretty poorly made. There were a few jokes that were uproariously funny but they were way too few and far between. Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination.

Cedric L (ca) wrote: A true Coen Brothers comedy.

Private U (us) wrote: This is a series of 'Carry on...' comedy. It is so addictive... I cannot describe.

Raji K (mx) wrote: Will Smith stars as Robert Neville in I Am Legend. In 2009 there is an alleged cure for cancer by Dr. Alice Krippin (Emma Thompson). Three years later this is clearly false, as humanity has been eradicated from existence. In its place are zombie like creatures known as Dark Seekers that cannot survive in sunlight. Mankind's' only hope appears to be with Neville who traverses New York City, which is ground zero, where the virus set off. He goes around looking for food with his dog Sam, and together they hunt, and set traps for the dark seekers as they hope to find a cure for the virus. Neville does not know why he is a survivor, but uses his blood and other methods to try and treat the disease that led most of humanity to become dark seekers. Unlike many other films, his goal is to cure the disease, and not simply eradicate and kill them. As he travels New York City, the bond between him and his dog instantly become one of the films strongest assets. The bond between them is unquestionable, and it is clear that they both will do anything to survive with each other. Neville constantly broadcasts a radio message hoping to attract any other survivors as well. I Am Legend features thrilling sequences as he at times finds himself in dark areas, or moments when the sun is setting which makes him most vulnerable to the dark seekers. The film does show sequences in the past, demonstrating that Neville did once have a family. These sequences do not provide much value to the film as pictures alone would have been suffice. The biggest issue I had with I am Legend was the appearance of the dark seekers. They did not look bad, but they certainly looked computer generated. Had they been actors with excellent makeup, the death of them would have been all the more intriguing to the story, and it certainly would have made Neville desire to find the cure all the more effective. Despite a few flaws, I am Legend is a welcome addition to the zombie apocalyptic genre of films. -10.08.2016

Cattera Y (fr) wrote: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dooma solid action movie with charming cultural touch

Ville H (ru) wrote: Tm oli aika hyv. Tavallaan dramatisoitu dokumentti.

Greg W (br) wrote: based on a steve harvey novel but it felt more like a black version of 'the hangover" trilogy

Hollyanne D (nl) wrote: Awesome gore and didnt take itself too seriously. Definitely enjoyable.