Mahaanta: The Film

Mahaanta: The Film

Young Vijay studies in Good Shepherd High School, lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small scenic town along with his uncle, who is the Inspector General of Police in Bombay, and has a close ...

Young Vijay studies in Good Shepherd High School, lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small scenic town along with his uncle, who is the Inspector General of Police in Bombay, and has a close ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mahaanta: The Film torrent reviews

Jeff H (jp) wrote: Guilty please kind of movie that should have gone straight to video or cable.

Sharon J (jp) wrote: If you are interested in health consider watching this.

Todd A (nl) wrote: A totally uninspiring story of rich people. With no conflict and not much in the way of insight, this is nothing more than a slice of music marketing.

Ethan L (ag) wrote: Penguins is one of those documentaries that takes you on an emotional, welcoming nature-centric journey.

Anita W (jp) wrote: haha.. ahh this movie.. is a weird movie.. i thought it was a waste of time watchin it

Matt M (br) wrote: A happy suburban family wife has a risky an affair with a young French book dealer. Diane Lane's performance is the only thing that saves this film, which lacks too much depth to be considered a melodrama and too much tension to be considered a thriller.

Brooke F (gb) wrote: One of my favorite psychological thrillers. The storyline and characters are evil and relentless with a twist.

Kevin L (ru) wrote: The film does a good job in humanizing people who are usually demonized or objectified.

Jonny B (br) wrote: A brief but solid documentary of the genius and destructive Billie Holiday. Includes great live performances, including an emotionally stormy performance of 'Strange Fruit'. The documentary also features insights from friends, other musicians, and material from her autobiography. Highly recommended.

Jeremy H (ca) wrote: The low-point of the series but still not embarrassing by any stretch. The humor is of the painfully stereotypical variety and sheer enthusiasm is really the only thing that keeps it moving. Chase does his best and still gets laughs as one of his best characters. The biggest problem is the plot. Since there's no Wally World to strive for, a couple of criminals enter the fray to give the movie a purpose.

Lilian L (us) wrote: I think Christopher just need some distance from his parents, just a little bit away from those things that made him feel bad and scared. I think Ron Franz was right about one thing that Christopher was running away from something. In the end, he realized happiness only real when shared. I think most people are like this. You learnt something until you go really far away to the end. A sad, sad story.

James S (nl) wrote: Eventually, some movies...or series...begin to look the same. Unfortunately, this Sinbad movie falls into that trap. Sure, there are some plot twists, but the fights look the same (a bunch of little humans taking on the big, bad monsters). I am a huge fan of Harryhausen, so I can handle that. I get the biggest kick out of seeing 2 Doctors Who (Tom Baker & Patrick Troughton) & 2 Bond women (Carolyn Munroe & Jane Seymour) in these movies. Jane Seymour redefines the world "huggable" in this film. these movies also get their talent from unusual places (Patrick Wayne was John Wayne's son). I do like the movies for their creativity...and the (women's) costumes (did I say that?).

Mark N (br) wrote: Meh! about sums it up.. bland story that had promise if it had developed with a mystery (that you don't know is a mystery until its answered :S) and a series of crimes that don't make sense but even so you already figured it out before the second body hits the water. Even for '93 the characters were cliche and with about half the action necessary to disguise the lacking plot its pretty boring.