Maiden Vows

Maiden Vows

Adaptation of the classic comedy by Aleksander Fredro.

Adaptation of the classic comedy by Aleksander Fredro. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maiden Vows torrent reviews

Luis A H (gb) wrote: If you dig gore, you might like this movie. If you don't dig gore, you will hate this movie... that's all.

James O (mx) wrote: A bit wet and a rehash of history in places but I liked this portrayal of the conquests of Saladdin. Felt entertaining throughout with some good war scenes, particularly the final battle in Jerusalem.

Richard D (gb) wrote: Voice work aside, isn't this easily the best film Tim Allen appeared in? I mean by a long shot. This is a pretty great film, and a lot of that has to do with the truly great ensemble cast, but Allen is good here ... quite good. It strikes me that there's a lot of wasted potential there. Watch for Sigourney Weaver's pretty obviously overdubbed "Well, fuck that!"

Carlos M (ca) wrote: The frustrating last scene feels like a copout included by Kiarostami only to draw some puzzling intellectual reaction from his audience; but still, this is a deeply human film that moves us in its simplicity while never offering a reason for a man wanting to end his life.

Gerry P (it) wrote: Oh boy. Oh boy, is the child in me grounded for a month. Here's goes: I used to like this trash as a child.................................................yeah. Decided to take the memory lane trip. Realized how horrid it was.The first movie had great CGI and it still looks amazing. The CG in this is poor. This film looks like a kid with aftereffects did it. What do you expect from a direct to video film.The editing is sped up and lazy. Just watching the slapstick just makes my brain bleed. It's like it was made for kids with ADHD. It has the typical kids becomes friends with inhuman creature plot, the typical school bully villain, and it just your lazy 90's kids film.To let you know how bad this film is, here's the plot in a nutshell: We have a mansion that needs to be knocked down for no reason, other people are protesting, Steve Guttenberg's character hires a demolition expert to blow up the house, the bullies put Chris inside and lock him up, the father discovers this and tries to get the demolition expert to stop, but he wants to destroy the house with the boy inside anyway......... yep, the demolition expert wants to blow up the house even with a boy stuck inside. Either the writers have forgetting to make the demolition expert care or he's just a horrible person similar to Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.The whole battle between Steven Guttenberg's character between Chris's teacher is muddled up and confused. She's suppose to be a friend to Chris but slags off his father in front of him. What a nice lady!It throws all logic of ghosts out the window as the finale involves Casper eating the dynamite and it explodes inside him. Yes, he ate it and it didn't go through him. Remember in first film where the ghosts were eating the cakes and they were going through them? Did the makers of this film forget to watch the first film. Oh, yeah. There's bit where Casper sits on a rusty spring and it hurts him...............................................................HOW CAN A SPRING HURT A GHOST? You might as well shoot the ghosts and they will feel pain.This film is downright horrible. This film is best laid to rest.

craig k (au) wrote: very dated. remember loving it as a kid though.

Phenyeia O (fr) wrote: Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor

Matt M (kr) wrote: A highly passionate couple struggles to adjust to their newly wed lives. A Neil Simon scripted movie based on his succesful Broadway hit. The secret of this film lies in its irresistible sweetness and charming wit, as well as a pair of great looking young actors like Redford and Fonda who share a wonderful on screen chemistry.

Becca D (fr) wrote: I love Donald Duck. <3

Trent M (gb) wrote: Well-directed by Tourneur and with a great look, but it's a lesser "Gaslight", just so you know that.