Five maids in São Paulo are observed in this episodic, impressionistic film. The women interact with each other, ride busses, work, and have longings: Rai for a husband, Créo for her lost ...

Five maids in São Paulo are observed in this episodic, impressionistic film. The women interact with each other, ride busses, work, and have longings: Rai for a husband, Créo for her lost ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lloyd A (de) wrote: Shailene Woodley tries to pul this movie to the next level but it never quotes gets above average despite her performance. The potential is there and enough to keep you interested but enough awkward moments to keep it down.

Charlie H (jp) wrote: NEW DRINKING GAME!!! Every time there is a close up of someones face take a drink....and then u will be so drunk you can laugh your ass off at the lame acting and gun fights!

Lisa Michelle A (ru) wrote: The first Screamers film is my favorite but this was a really good sequel. It was alot more darker and violent that the first was and alot more gruesome and gory in places but still really good. I knew pretty much of who was a Screamer and who wasn't and the ending was really good and in all honesty i never saw it coming!!! I'll be buying the DVD.

(jp) wrote: amazing film ~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?

Brendan B (jp) wrote: Fresh, good comedy with a good message!

Charlie G (mx) wrote: Imaginary but entertaining. Childishly more entertaining than the first one.

Steve S (it) wrote: Good thriller up until the last moments, which seem tacked on to make it more audience friendly.

Skyo S (fr) wrote: this is still my favorite chinese horror movie... the sound effect makes it creepy, yet there is this comedy element that just doesn't go away in the entire movie. Is scary yet funny.

Jennifer M (fr) wrote: If you can get over the hilariously dramatic music and very dated battle scenes, this film is rather enjoyable. Alec Guinness (who looks remarkably like all the engravings I've seen of Chalres I) is excellent opposite Harris. For as much as Cromwell stands up for "the common man" (a driving theme in the movie) the audience never gets a picture of what life was like outside of court for the middle and lower classes, during a period of dramtic social, political, and cultural upheaval. Harris delivers some really poetic lines and , as one of the only films about the English Civil War, I dug it.

Toni R (fr) wrote: Wonderful costume movie about the bavarian princess with a wonderful Romy Schneider. thanks to Karlheinz Boehm that he signed me my DVD Booklet!!!

Allan C (us) wrote: Intriguing low-budget story of George Sanders, as the title scoundrel, go from a petty con man arriving on the American shores and his rise to wealth and power (and eventual death) through deceit and manipulation. It's kid of a 1950s version of a Bernie Madoff rise and fall. And one interesting side note, George Sanders' real-life brother, Tom Conway, play his brother in the film, just as he did in The Falcon's Brother (1942).

Tom H (de) wrote: A funny Comedic Western about mistaken identity. Gary Cooper is hilarious!

Maria R (ca) wrote: this movie is too... dull i prefer classic story when it games to ballad like Nutcracker or Swan Lakes. Or maybe they really should do Gisselle story instead of a normal girl play as Giselle and Odette in a magical world.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Roger Moores first Bond doesn't do well to try win over hardcore fans in this very boring and silly film, Moore seems too up tight to play Bond he has what Bond should have like looks, Charm, Arrogance but when it's time for action he appears toothless, Speaking of the action apart from a good speed boat chase which was ruind by adding stereotypical redneck cops that made it just feel silly the rest what little there was isn't very good at all, The plot would of been good if had the right writers, It's over long, Had a silly ending and a silly watch gadget that made us feel like the 007 franchise is going in the wrong direction with its tongue in cheek humour that never works, God knows how Roger Moore was allowed to make more Bond films, The only thing that people will remember will be the soundtrack.

jesse k (kr) wrote: I like this film a lot and I've seen it many times. At least five times. This movie grows on you. You have to be patient because it builds slowly. Stallone proves he can act -- he definitely proves it here. An exceptional cast all around. I'm surprised that more people don't appreciate this movie.