Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

An unhappily married couple find love in strange situations.

Melbourne-based Samir Khanna meets with an orphan, Raina, both fall in love, get married, and live harmoniously until Samir loses his job. Differences crop up between the two so much so ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan R (us) wrote: TERRIBLE. do not waste your time.

Craig G (gb) wrote: I couldnt even finish watching this piece of crap. It was TERRIBLE! I have no clue who the main fighter guy was but he totally sucked. Sure they threw in some good looking women, that sure as heck didnt help. The fight scenes werent that good. Im not quite sure that UFC fighters should be in the acting arena, they need to stick to the Octagon.

Edgar C (it) wrote: I got so interested in the recent blood-splatter Japanese tradition that this was a mandatory viewing. Well, curiosity didn't only killed the cat: it dismembered it and torn its brain off. I am that poor cat. I don't remember seeing so much cheap horror/sci-fi idiocy since MTV's Monster Island with Carmen Electra. Yeah, it's THAT fucked up. 10/100

Andrew K (kr) wrote: Beautiful film with witty dialogue and plenty of suspense. The film has terrific acting and excellent production value. However, I must castigate the author of the novella, as the ending is completely anti-climactic, uninspired, ludicrous, and ultimately disappointing.

Pascal F (ca) wrote: Interessant sur le papier mais trop mecanique pour convaincre.

david wayne b (ag) wrote: This was really funny. Not for the high minded. Short really shines (as Lynch also), but this cameos make the flick.

Collin P (mx) wrote: Great graphics, great story line, great actors. Where does the list end?

Jacob B (kr) wrote: Though its plot can be a bit convoluted at times, the memorable and most well-known performance of Tom Cruise to date in the role of Ethan Hunt and action sequences especially with the iconic vault heist scene in where you're hoping that Hunt and the team that believes in him being innocent get out of there with their lives, particularly Hunt and the guy who is portrayed by Jean Reno called Krieger. An enjoyable spy movie in which you don't even have to be familiar with the original 1960's TV show to understand.

Steve G (jp) wrote: A kid's dream. saw it on a plane once. actually enjoyed it.

NaWie M (es) wrote: It's the hardest thing anyone could ever have to do, to help someone that they love die. Very touching and sad Movie.

Cody C (ca) wrote: Does some really interesting stuff visually here and there, but ultimately is too 60's for its own good unfortunately. Better than some of the other Hammer Dracula movies though. You could do worse, but don't go in expecting much.

Jacob F (ca) wrote: The date should read 1960. Very well made folk tale with great performances, atmosphere, and timing.

Lsl P (it) wrote: Not as good as the first part storywise and dancewise neither.