Main Azaad Hoon

Main Azaad Hoon

A newspaper reporter exploits an ordinary man for few rupees to pose as a man who is fighting against the corrupt politicians and prints imaginary stories in his name to improve the circulation of her newspaper. People take him for real and he becomes a powerful leader of poor man. One day the paper prints a letter in his name that he is going to end his life fighting corruption. This puts the ordinary man in a fix. He knows that at this juncture he can't refute the accuracy of all those stories. He also realizes that he is the sole hope of millions. Finally, he buckles under moral pressure and jumps from an incomplete multi-storied building and ends his life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

A newspaper reporter exploits an ordinary man for few rupees to pose as a man who is fighting against the corrupt politicians and prints imaginary stories in his name to improve the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arlo L (mx) wrote: This movie is quite something.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: I just didn't like it.

Cas M (it) wrote: I love his angry style of ranting. Such a shame of all the beeps on television. Must say, I liked his other show better."We have a two-party system. The Democratic Party, a party with no ideas. And the Republican Party, a party of bad ideas."

MF J (au) wrote: Another random remake from a Sydney Poitier film starring Ashton Kutcher & Bernie Mac. Nothing really new under the sun, Kutcher seems as dumb as ever & he rest of the cast seem to be wondering why the hell they are in this dud? Oh yeah they all got a big pay check i forgot.

Steve B (de) wrote: La photo est superbe, mais on apprend bien peu de choses du couple que l'on suit pendant 80 minutes.

Billy R (br) wrote: Well acted and well written. A bit one-sided, but the performances give this TV movie some really good moments. Besides, how can you go wrong watching the second Crow face off against Batman's dad in a sniper war? Beats the hell out of "Savior" or "Behind Enemy Lines"... that's for sure. Though, just about anything beats the hell out of "Behind Enemy Lines"...

Patricia C (gb) wrote: Disturbing, creepy and uncomfortable to watch at times "Animal Love" is not for the squeamish. The subjects in the film are ugly weirdos, pathetic in their yearning for love. One man is a panhandler who uses a bunny to get money from strangers. Another man takes his vicious dog to obedience classes; it is clear the dog is vicious and should be put down, especially after he attacks another dog on the street by clamping its throat in its jaws but the man insists on trying to train the animal. Two young men romp and cavort with their dog in bed. Another man french kisses his dog and treats it like a female lover. None of the subjects are particularly attractive; physically they are nothing to look at and their lives are pathetic and barren. Two male roommates bicker over everything; none of the subjects know how to care for a dog. They leave the animals outside tied to things--grocery carts, cages, tires. The animals cry because they are lonely; they feel abandoned and want to be let indoors. It's interesting that the humans are lonely, too, but why subject the animal to the very thing that is tormenting them? The viewer feels more for the animal than they do for the people in the film. The subjects do not gain the viewer's sympathy at all and after about 45 minutes of watching these tragic freaks torment those poor animals with their grotesque acts of what they call love you want all of them to get attacked.These are people who have no real place in society, as they are unable to relate to other humans in natural, normal and loving ways. The reasons for their loneliness is made obvious by Seidl and the viewer inevitably is repulsed and disgusted by these people."Animal Love" walks a very fine line between animal porn and documentary. The viewer must decide which one it is that they are watching and what it is that the film is saying.

Rikki T (ca) wrote: Whatever was funny about this in the 60's escapes me. This is one of the most dull movies I've seen. Does not withstand the test of time at all (and I'm from the 1960's)!

Greg W (nl) wrote: road pic #2 hey flixter wrong year!

Oscar S (gb) wrote: You give and you take and take what you gotRound and round 'till it breaks andYou push and you pull and struggle with the knotIt's tying you up while you're fadin' into your lie -- Lyrics, "Push & Pull"

Crystal T (jp) wrote: Tyler Perry always cracks me up

Thomas P (nl) wrote: The British predecessor to The Neverending Story -riding on the apothecary cart of Monty Python. A kids adventure movie that brings the twisted Python magic to kindergarten, so adults will enjoy some of the quips and humor too.For me, it was a bit live-action Bugs Bunny in english medieval times.With monsters and dwarves.Really oddball, and not for all tastes, but great fun if you can connect w the unique quirkiness offered. 4 of 5 singing swords

Alice S (it) wrote: Woody's fourth conscionable killing movie, and well, it does feel a bit rehashed with the age- and power-inappropriate relationship between the cynical, alluring liberal arts professor and the luminous, self-possessed student. The stakes ARE higher in that Abe premeditates a conscionable killing (*SPOILERS: and then a self-serving one), but the whole movie is a lot of pseudo-philosophical talk interspersed by bland narration and not enough humor and heart ("Crimes and Misdemeanor"), fervent sensuality ("Match Point"), or moral conflict ("Cassandra's Dream"). I would have to say there is more physical violence though, which is interesting for Woody. That nearly silent 10-15 second shot of Jill struggling with Abe in front of the open elevator shaft is awkward and disturbing as hell, and Woody is one of the only directors left who allows the audience to feel such raw, unbroken discomfort.