Maìn - La casa della felicità

Maìn - La casa della felicità


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Abir R (it) wrote: A film made by a fan. The usual dirt digging in documentaries is not required on this one. However Meadows (This is England) proves he is a great filmmaker, especially when using the William S. Borough and Alfred Hitchkock quote/voiceover.

Frank N (gb) wrote: A Swedish Forrest-Gump-Bucket-List combo.

Kristopher E (fr) wrote: Brap to the brap-to the brap-to the brap-to the brap-to the brap-to the brap-to the brap- to the brap-to the brap-to the brap-to the brap -to the brap -to the brap-to the brap -to the brap-to the brapYes.....Yes I be dissin' you.... to the max .

Martin D (mx) wrote: Mr. Jones is a 1993 romantic drama film starring Richard Gere, Lena Olin, Anne Bancroft, Tom Irwin and Delroy Lindo, and directed by Mike Figgis.Mr. Jones (Gere) is a man suffering from bipolar disorder, a disease that affords him periods of intense emotional pleasure and expansiveness but which also results in periods of suicidal depression. Libbie (Olin), a doctor at a psychiatric hospital, takes an interest in his condition, and also in him.The film was released to mixed reviews; movie historian Leonard Maltin remarked that "Gere is fine, but his onscreen behavior turns this into The Jester of Tides." Indeed, Gere received praise for his performance as the troubled title character. Many critics noted that the film would've been better if the romance plot was left out, since it appeared forced and contrived.

Michael P (ag) wrote: The most under-rated, under-seen movie ever. A great study in human interaction in the Command / Subordinate relationship and a GREAT War movie, not to mention an EXCELLENT cast from top to bottom.

Nate T (ag) wrote: Long but lively musical even has Marlon Brando singing one of Sinatra's signature tunes: "Luck Be A Lady". A must watch film. On Blu-ray.

Patrick K (ca) wrote: There is very little in this film that I can defend because whether it had good intentions of being an edge of your seat thriller it certainly didnt deliver. A group of childhood friends attempt to pull off one of the most daring crimes of the century by kidnapping the king of the Heineken beer empire. You'd think that premise and having Anthony Hopkins involved would make a semblance of a good film but no it was really a non starter