Main, Meri Patni... Aur Woh!

Main, Meri Patni... Aur Woh!

A short, nondescript man, Mithilesh Shukla marries a tall and beautiful woman. Now jealousy and Mithilesh's own insecurities threaten to wreck his happy home.

A short, nondescript man, Mithilesh Shukla marries a tall and beautiful woman. Now jealousy and Mithilesh's own insecurities threaten to wreck his happy home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Main, Meri Patni... Aur Woh! torrent reviews

Reece L (jp) wrote: With "The Straight Story" Lynch forgoes his usual dream-like strangeness in favor of a simple story about a man on his way to make amends and the result is powerful, emotional, and heartwarming.

Russell G (gb) wrote: If you have seen the two versions of "Last House On The Left" and "Last House On A Dead End Street", well, there's not much new here. What it lacks in the rape-o nastyness of the other films, it makes up with ample gore. Which is fine by me. You just have to get through the terrible dubbing of this messy Italian movie.

Lamira R (br) wrote: not as good as the 1st and 2nd

Raouf T (ru) wrote: it's a movie for the audience.

Aadit G (au) wrote: Brilliantly made and brilliantly thought out! 4.5 stars.

CaseyJane D (gb) wrote: It got me on the edge of my bed and biting my nails from the first scene! Great film, I highly recommend it for people who like gruesome and thrilling films..... Must see. It'll teach you not to take a 'valentines' present from an anonymous ring of the door bell and warning! Do NOT REJECT A NERD THE NEXT TIME YOU GET ASKED OUT.....

Cherry D (nl) wrote: ..Quidam, Quidam..La nuit recule..Dun rve lautre tu valses.. Love them all but Quidam is up there with Dralion. It's so unique from all of the other Cirque shows. Can't really do it justice by explaination, you have to see it for yourself.

Repping H (us) wrote: so, I'm watching the movie, I'm on the last scene (of which I won't describe for those who haven't seen it, spoilers and all that) and I'm hearing someone at the door. they're not knocking. it sounds like they're trying to find the right key for the lock. so I, and I think with logic on my side, assume it's my roommate coming home. I don't look up when I hear the door open -- I'm watching a movie -- so I don't know he hasn't come in. well, I'm not positive he hasn't come in. I don't hear footsteps, so I'm thinking that maybe he just opened the door because he needed it ajar so he could bring in a large heavy object (he's in a band, so equipment and such often is moving in and out), one large enough that it would be reasonable that he wouldn't be able to open the door and hold it at the same time. the movie ends, and I move to the VCR to hit rewind and look and notice that he still hasn't come in. I get up to investigate. and then this black and white cat comes walking around the corner -- a cat that had followed me from the parking lot to my apartment door (and whom I would refuse to let in, against his objections) on occasions previous -- I turn to look and no one is at the door. it takes a minute of all-consuming pondering, a moment of personal inactivity which the cat would take to stretch itself out along our coffeetable/amp case, to figure out exactly what's going on, but it finally hits me: THIS CAT FUCKING PICKED THE LOCK AND BROKE INTO OUR APARTMENT. I grab the bastard and place him outside, and before I can close the door in his face, he scurries right back in. on the second attempt, I placed him a bit further outside and managed to secure the locale. well, needless to say, I'm freaked out right now. what kind of cat is this? what cat knows how to pick locks? and why is he zeroing in on [b]my[/b] apartment? when I put him out, he spent a good minute trying to get back in (I wisely locked the lock just out of his reach). he hasn't given up. and this worries me. about the movie: this was my intoduction to Kaurismaki. a lot of his films were played at the Olympia Film Fest last fall, but I wasn't able to attend (for whatever reason). I'm kind of regretting that now. anyway, Jean-Pierre Leaud is a god and comparisions to Jarmusch seem somewhat apt. I'll say more about the other films I watched this morning in later posts. maybe even something remotely substantial!

Wayne L (jp) wrote: Not there best but still a great film

Brook M (de) wrote: that was a funny movie

Michael C (fr) wrote: mind mind's blown and i think its this film's fault

Jonn J (it) wrote: If you watch the edition that comes with Warner Bros Film Noir Collection: Vol. 4, you will get a real treat in the form of commentary from writer James Ellroy.

Rachel S (it) wrote: This is a classic romantic comedy as we think of the formula today. Doris Day and Rock Hudson went on to play opposite each other in two other films(Lover Come Back is my favorite), but their famous on-screen duets began here. Day sings plenty, of course, and the production design actually feels quite sixties despite being a 1959 release. The real pleasure here, though, is the comedy. The actual plot points are about as believable as...well, they're not believable but the humor really works. And the chaste requirements of the production code at the time make it feel like modern Austen at certain moments. And come on, who doesn't love a happy ending?

Russell H (jp) wrote: not too bad. Travolta was cool. Nothing too special other than that.