Govindan (Manivannan) is a thief who has two children. Aadhi (Pasupathy) and Mathi ('Chiyaan' Vikram). Years go by and the two, Aadhi and Madhi, decide to stop stealing and mend their ways and lead a hardworking life along with their father. They migrate to neighboring village and meet a retired agricultural officer, Chidambaram (Vijaya Kumar) who is in deep debts and is under pressure from the village's landlord, Kalingarayar (Murali) to clear his debts. In efforts to help Chidambaran, Mathi confronts Seetha Lakshmi (Asin), Kalingarayar's daughter, who comes to collect the money Chidambaram owes her father. Seetha Lakshmi starts to acquire a liking for Mathi but keeps it hidden due to her father's atrocious temper. In an attempt to teach Kalingarayar a lesson, Mathi forcibly ties the mangalsutram around Seetha's neck. Kalingarayar, realizing his daughter's love for Mathi...

Govindan (Manivannan) is a thief who has two children. Aadhi (Pasupathy) and Mathi ('Chiyaan' Vikram). Years go by and the two, Aadhi and Madhi, decide to stop stealing and mend their ways ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahesh P (de) wrote: By far the best performance of Shahid Kapoor's career. He is definitely the favorite to sweep the best actor awards at every ceremony this year.

Becky B (nl) wrote: This movie was really quite beautiful. It was like a cross between the sound of music and homeward bound. The music is beautiful and the filming was spectacular! The scenery was amazing too. It's about a boy who befriends a dog that was abandoned. The dog in immediately trusts the boy and they help some Jews (?) across the border to Switzerland. Personally, I think it could've been better, I didn't understand why the dog was never fed and why they allowed it to keep eating wildlife?It lacked something for me. But it was still beautifully done.The movie is in French, but you can see it with subtitles

andrew c (kr) wrote: I've read through most of the negative comments. The only criticisms they provide are a product of denial.

Jim B (us) wrote: My heart really went out to these guys.I dont think they really believe that bigfoot really exists,they just want to be remembered for something in they're lives.

Alejandro E (fr) wrote: Mezcla de comedia y accion con un reparto capaz de mantener a flote los 111 de metraje. Buena opcion para una tarde de miercoles.

Mike S (au) wrote: Really confusing movie. Just a very, very, confusing movie. I often found myself daydreaming or dozing off in the movie, which is not a good sign. It's a bust for me.

Boogie S (nl) wrote: Excellent little film that explores a man's journey into himself and his manic state of depression. The last twenty minutes are outstanding. The other reviewers are Morons looking for Tom Cruise's premature ejaculate in their mouths. Sorry, this film isn't for you.

Michael P (fr) wrote: Bill Paxton is exploring the Titanic wreck in a sub again except this time it's for real.

Thalie L (de) wrote: meileur que le cercle 2, ils auraient du faire un film sur a plutot que de laffaire de "possession" qui tait vrm tire par les cheveux

Joshua G (us) wrote: Rediculous is an understatement. Doom Asylum is a BLAST! From Kristin Davis' terrible acting to Patty Mullen's...well...we won't go there. Truly a gem to be seen. Meant as a horror comedy, but can be enjoyed just as much as a 'so bad it's good' flick. Code Red rock! "Mom! That's incest!" -That's right! Buy it!

Taylor W (gb) wrote: This a bad sports movie about a not normal sport since BASEketball

Michael B (ca) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Iain B (fr) wrote: more comedy than romedy and more Elvis's than you can shake a stick at

mike m (nl) wrote: Went in with High expectations with all of the hype around the movie. It did not disappoint. Do not go in expecting anything related to the first because you will be disappointed. This is a new and really fresh Jurassic movie with new characters, dinosaurs, and a different story line. From start to finish it was an excellent journey that kept my attention throughout the whole movie. The only reason it gets a 4 out of 5 is because I felt the ending was a little predictable. Other than that...a fantastic addition to the franchise.

Jonny L (us) wrote: The only thing scary about this film was the $10 dollars I spent to see it.

David W (ru) wrote: Two Words: Clint Eastwood