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Ramkrishna B (ag) wrote: concept taken from the jack nicolson movie bucket list but has its own storyline. i like very:)

Jim H (ru) wrote: A middle-aged man, still mourning the death of his daughter, flees his Indiana life to care for a damaged young prostitute.I'm sorry to say this, but I can't think of a better way to evaluate Kristen Stewart: she just shouldn't act; she should wait tables or answer phones in an office. When she plays Bella or Snow White, I complain that her face is dead and that there's no energy behind her acting. Now, she plays a manic prostitute, a character who requires energy and life, but she's just horrid. I agree with Super Reviewer Alice Shen who says, "her speech, especially the cursing is pretty self-conscious. She only half-says 'cooter,' 'pussy,' 'fuck.'" Absolutely. And this self-consciousness permeates the rest of Stewart's performance.The film is saved by James Gandolfini who gives one of the best performances of his career. His vulnerability is a trait Stewart could learn from. He creates a real, touching character, and it's a joy to watch Melissa Leo, who is also quite good, play off Gandolfini.I like the story as well. It's not the tired "man saved by a good woman" trope that was overplayed long before I was born; rather, it's a man trying to save a bad woman in order to save himself. The film portrays middle-class America as both a hell from which Doug can't escape, but it's also what he tries to recreate with Mallory; I think many people who live in suburbia can identify with that contradiction.Overall, I hope that someone can stop Kristen Stewart from making movies, but this film was nevertheless worth making.

Tanis M (it) wrote: This movie tries very hard to get across a lovely message. To consider the effects our choices have on our life paths makes for a compelling idea. But this movie really does get bogged down in the details and often seems to add a lot of superfluous details that probably could have been cut to make a better paced final product. By no means is it bad, but by the end, it rather felt as though it was wearing out its welcome.As a side note: I felt so bad for poor Jean. She got the shitty end of the stick the whole movie.

Nicole I (au) wrote: I loved seeing Cillian in this "real person" character. I thought this movie was cute and funny and I was just as gullable as he was. very fun.

Collin c (ag) wrote: Very suspenseful and frightening. I liked that there were barely any jump scares

Michael H (fr) wrote: Highly surprised by this movie, this was the first really good movie, he put out in about 10 years.

Art M (kr) wrote: Cute! "You will only know love when you surrender to it"

monsieur r (au) wrote: Less than stunning film making, this WWII air combat tale is full of vintage bomber aircraft and daring do. Based on a true WWII story, a pilot is ordered to kill a man he knows to save many others. So true, this agonizing tale spoke of many times in warfare. While, typical of so many air warfare raids, the moral dilemma of our lead actor is evident. Horrible combat footage at the end is B film material. Cliff Robertson leads a not so stellar cast of flyboys that are sent on a mission of earthquake proportions. It seems the Germans are up to their dirty tricks (again). Cheesy in many scenes, the daring do of our RAF heroes take to the air to right all wrongs. Jesus, what would Hollywood do without World War Two? Cast Cliff Robertson (lead actor and bomber pilot) George Chakiris (prisoner who knew too much to live) Maria Perschy Harry Andrews Jimmie Bly Crew Editor: Bert Bates Composer: Ron Goodwin Screenplay: James Clavell Director: Walter Grauman Producer: Cecil F. Ford Screenplay: Howard Koch Executive Producer: Lewis J. Rachmil Costume Designer: Brian Owen-Smith Cinematographer: Edward Scaife Production Designer: Michael Stringer

Bruce B (ca) wrote: The sequel to the 1954 phenomenon, made only 4 months later, "Godzilla Raids Again". This is the only other black-and-white G-film in existence, and a very rare one at that. Probably due to the VERY poorly received American version. Thankfully, Classic Media one more comes through, even including the Japanese version. This film was decent at best, no where near as powerful as the first. The four fathers of Godzilla weren't all here, Honda and Ifukbe, probably a major factor in the sharp contrast. The score by Masaru Sato was't as striking as Akira Ifukube's score, but it was still all right.Shigeru Kayama provides a good story, but I wish more of the characters from the first were in it. The escaped convicts was an interesting plot point, but overall the characters simply aren't as involving. Hiroshi Koizumi and Minoru Chiaki star but not even their performances can save the character's overall dullness. Takashi Shimura returns as Dr. Yamane, the only actor reprising his role disappointedly. Kind of a downer. The climatic battle is thrilling but Kobayashi's 'heroic' death was poorly scripted. Him sticking around in a weaponless plane as jets bomb Godzilla, not feelin' it.Godzilla looked fantastic, the only real difference being his slimness. The puppet's teeth were the only bad point. Anguius was Godzilla's first ever foe and you got to love the echoing roar. The fights are entertaining, the camera speed accident a bit odd, but whatever. The fight ends brutally with Godzilla sinking his teeth in his throat nicely. The effects were nicely done all in all for their time.The American version is just horrific!!! The constant voice-over is annoying and Kobayashi sounds like a bumbling oaf, despite the acclaimed actor he was in Japan. The score became a jumbled mess along with the story. Gigantis and Anguirus are somehow related and attracted to fire, blah, blah, blah, blah, etc. Anyways, this film is good,but I warn you the U.S. version is only good for the commentary ( by Steve Ryfle!!!). Stick to the Japanese version 5 Star Japanese Version 3 Star US Version 9-28-13

Petros T (ru) wrote: "Die Another Day" might seem a little plodding at times and, for better or worse, it's one of the most OTT Bond films. Yet, with a fantastic swordfight, the excellent laser scene, the grandiose melting of the ice house and a few very good twists in the plot, it's a winner. Plus, the humour in these films always gets me: 0.1 extra points for the "Read this. Bitch" scene; 0.15 extra points for the final Moneypenny scene. ;)