Majajan is a love story Syed Noor says he "made most passionately". Inspired by the life of Baba Bulleh Shah and his 'ishq' with his 'murshad'...

Majajan is a love story Syed Noor says he "made most passionately". Inspired by the life of Baba Bulleh Shah and his 'ishq' with his 'murshad'... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: It's has a story line that doesn't seem to make sense, but it's there. It is a film about an orphanage, but it doesn't compare with The Orphanage or The Devils Backbone. That's saying a lot, though. It has a disturbing ending. Don't let its bad reviews scare you away from taking a gander at the film.

Mona K (kr) wrote: Nice story,loved the actress so much,I didn't see such a serious bollywood film before

Sara C (ca) wrote: ohh!!! it looks good

Konrad A (kr) wrote: This movie is right for kids it's entertaining to watch theme play basketball and a funny movie!!

Suanne B (kr) wrote: Wat a sexy pare? movie was good

Amanda A (br) wrote: now its been a really long time wince i seen this movie but i loved it then

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Matthew H (ru) wrote: Spy movies and espionage have come a long way, with more advanced tech to support the film. But every now and then a low-tech, traditional thriller enters the genre and feels heavily out of place but refreshing at the same time; this movie is The November Man. It features things like car chases and piano playing and negotiations held at fancy restaurants on a Mediterranean inlet; all the things the genre used to have, but have since been updated. While the movie itself feels a little too familiar in its plot and elements, it is nice to watch one of these kinds of films every once in a while as a guilty pleasure.