Major League

Major League

When Rachel Phelps inherits the Cleveland Indians from her deceased husband, she's determined to move the team to a warmer climate -- but only a losing season will make that possible, which should be easy given the misfits she's hired. Rachel is sure her dream will come true, but she underestimates their will to succeed!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Spanish,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   jealousy,   prayer,  

The new owner of the Cleveland Indians baseball fields the worst team she can find so they'll lose and she can move the team. But when the plot is uncovered, they start winning just to spite her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheila H (jp) wrote: Whoopi Goldberg's newest movie, left me in tears, is now available on DVD.

Jordan P (us) wrote: Pretty cool movie!!! Love the revenge!!! A must watch!

Wes C (ag) wrote: Outstanding. This film plays like a very real and very believable event in the near future. Solid characters and nicely made in all respects.

Jess H (mx) wrote: You ever get that creepy feeling that you're being watched? Well you ARE by the KILLER EYE! Cool props and decorations, including the creepy EYE. Don't take this movie too seriously and you shall be entertained. Some gore and some T&A, what more could you want?

X T (nl) wrote: A fascinating and baffling hybrid of fiction and documentary. Jia interviews 9 former workers of the now dissembled aircraft parts factory which is being replaced in the current market economy by a housing and commercial center in the city of Chengdu. The catch is that 4 of these people are actors who tell their stories based on real people's experiences. The thing is that the actor interviews were not hard to discern even for two of the actors that I didn't recognize immediately. The actors are just not able to duplicate the naturalness and richness of the real people, no matter how good the performances were. This is exactly what Jia intended to exploit in order to show the difference between the forgotten personal history with the nationalistic history and its self-sacrificing ideology.

Matt R (gb) wrote: For a Bollywood movie, it really wasn't that bad . It's a pretty good love story, even if it is the same story of every other Indian romance, namely: "Oh no! I'm going to be married in an arranged marriage, but I'm in love with someone else!" The reason for its slightly lower score is the fact that it just goes way over the top with the teary melodrama, the preachy "India should love Pakistan and vice-versa" themes, and the heavy-handed "women are equal" themes.


Jeff B (nl) wrote: This is not a comedy, it's really just sad.

Christian L (jp) wrote: a crappy sequel to Ninja scroll. has absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie, other than leeching off it's good name.

Rea K (it) wrote: The very first steps to make the masterpieces like In the mood for love and 2046. Kar wai is the poet of filmmakers. I love him.

Senor C (de) wrote: Dolph Lundgren is really 4th rate when it comes to action stars. For me his movies has slipped through the passage of time & I am now just getting about to since I had watched a bulk of the 3rd rate Jean Claude Van Damme films. Now to call Lundgren 4th rate isn't really fair to him but when you look @ the slew of 80s action movies you just can't put him on the same level as the likes of Norris or Stallone. He's down in the pecking order. In the same breath the likes of Red Scorpion is watchable but in the end is an eye roller as you have M Emmet Walsh giving Lundgren the big thumbs up to go kick some ass. It is what it is. Probably a little better then it should be because it's directed by Joseph Zito who brought us Missing in Action & Invasion USA..which of course are much better movies

vampchick (jp) wrote: Ahhh--it takes me back!

Carlos M (ru) wrote: This third Star Trek film works as a bridge between the second and the fourth cinematic chapters, with decent drama and good performances by our well-known cast, even if the plot is super convenient and lacks the same impact of The Wrath of Khan.

Lee M (gb) wrote: Longish and sappy melodrama with WWII as it's backdrop. A fairly perceptive nostalgia piece.

Evan H (de) wrote: wasn't as good as the first.

Veronique K (jp) wrote: the flick which prompts lawrence tierney's overnight fame as the hard-boiled tough guy. now he incarnates into the 30s gritty bankrobber john dilinger to heaten up the silver screen. the story starts off with one trivial event which triggers him into robbing a grocery store on his own, a female companion's insistent request on drinking another round of beers as well as the contempting remark from a snobbish waiter who dismisses him as "two-bit chieseler"... it draws the contour of his persona, always motivated by the provocation of overbearing pride which could drive him into anything. in prison, he aquires the skill of conning, then he springs his cellmates to partake in their gang. afterwards he substitutes the boss as the no. 1 man to dominate the whole mob. but eventually his ultraviolent tyranny induces the grudge of his mistress who doublecrosses him to obtain the reward sum. the role of dilinger is literarily tailored for tierney whose private life rivals with the tumults in the roles he plays. dilinger is an abitrarily spoilt man whose vindictiveness thrives him but also abolishes him. his vengeful angst pushes him forward to wench the world into his palm, and it also antagonizes himself against others due to his keen disaposals of his potential foemen. this is a flick accelerated by testosterone, featuring some raw bankrobbery scenes in its primitive state, and it's swiftly paced on a man's rising bloom and his flopping doom. and the closure is blended with a sense of absurdity, interwined with the agonic clausphobia to avoid police: great mobster dilinger gets himself caught for attending theater to see a cartoon flick.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 1/4/2017: Love this movie! Some really good action and an interesting story! Love Beckinsale in this role.

Max D (it) wrote: Laugh riot! Two thumbs up. "Where's the pilot? He's been taken."