Make Haste to Live

Make Haste to Live

A single mother in New Mexico senses her own death in the hands of a mysterious stalker.

Crystal 'Chris' Benson, a single mother in a small New Mexico town, senses a shadowy menace stalking her in the night. She acquires a gun and makes arrangements anticipating her own death, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kostas t (us) wrote: sti Roumania o Seagal kanei ta dika tou!!!!

Alex W (br) wrote: They should really stop these now. The original, first film was excellent. Then the straight-to-dvd sequel, which was averagely adequate. Now this abomination of a movie! The crocs are HORRENDOUSLY cgi'd, the acting was wooden as matches, and the story was just plain weak. Don't bother watching this tripe, and watch the original "Lake Placid" instead.

Dmitry F (mx) wrote: it's not a movie itself I love, but Terry Pratchet in general. Though I have to give credits - this is a decent adaptation. Mind it was made years ago, when people used to wear masks rather than use fancy computer effects. Cast is great, well chosen and believable. Loved it.

Maxime R (au) wrote: Ce film de fantasy, ne disposant manifestement pas de moyens considrables, est visuellement plus qu'intressant, malgr des influences qui peuvent paratre aises, de Willow au Seigneur des Anneaux. Mais tout fonctionne parfaitement ; avant tout la photographie et les dcors assez imposants. A conseiller tous ceux qui affectionnent le genre, une excellente surprise... et un plaisir de suivre la chauve-souris animal de compagnie.

Matheus L (au) wrote: Meu primeiro filme no cinema.Eu era f de MK na infncia =P

Randy T (nl) wrote: Okay, I'm resolving to stop reading the synopsis before I watch a 'cutting edge' film. I postponed viewing this incredible 'little' movie because I have an aversion to incest. Not to mention that the title put me off a trite as well. Let's be real, I knew this wasn't going to be a zoology piece on the discipline of arboreal primates. The point is, if you can get past your own neorotic hangups and lingering emotional baggage left over from your dysfunctional childhood, you'll see that Spanking the Monkey is rather good.*NOTE: Just to save you some time, as soon as you see Jeremy Davies you're going to wonder where the heck you've seen him before... Saving Private Ryan.

Alan V (kr) wrote: Starts out weird and only gets weirder, but really draws you into its world. Definitely ranks among Johnny Depp's best work (chicken impression notwithstanding). Fantastic music by Goran Bregovic.

Lee H (ag) wrote: This movie was amazing. This style of movie is not what you see now in days, and is a wonderful representation of a religionist movement. This movie is the autobiography of Gandhi and what he accomplished and how. The movie starts and the end with his murder being shot point blank at a large rally by Nathuram Godse. Then it flashes back to when he was a young man in South Africa. He is a young attorney at the time and goes to ride a train with his first-class pass. He is told he is not allowed to ride first class. He refused this order and demands to ride first class. He is then thrown off the train. This is his turning point realize that nonviolence is the way and that treating minorities like this is unacceptable. The majority of the movie after this is him preforming nonviolent protest against South Africa and in Indian. He establishes equality in south Africa and then moves back to his home country of Indian. Here he does similar protest and even goes on a hungry strike to cease the Britain rule over their country. During these protest, he is jailed many times and beaten. There is tragic scene in Indiana where women and children and mean are gun down for about five minutes over the Hindus and Muslins struggles. This movie has extreme religions ties and connect. Where most people say, Gandhi was Jainism due to all his closer friends where he was more of a Ahimsa (doing no harm) which is one the biggest part of Jainism. This movie you get to see many practices of Jainism from the medication and the giving away of all material goods. The act of selflessness you could say to some it all up. Gandhi was strong believer and doing no harm and being selflessness that he would sacrifice all his goods and himself. He would starve himself to show he dedication to prove what is right.

David P (br) wrote: A rather mindless cheap scifi flick. The story line is formulaic, the special effects are cheesy, and the acting atrocious. However, for some reason it seems to have a rather interesting pull on it. I actually enjoyed the awful movie. It was bad enough to be good.

Tyaa T (mx) wrote: cool Elvis moves in here too

Cesar C (nl) wrote: Behemoth shows some sings of improvements over other B Movies of the 50's in the Special Effects Department. It's still your typical terrible Sci-Fi Thriller flawed from beginning to end but also shows concern of the topics of interest in the era (Radiactivity). Being relatively boring when compared to other Camp Classics, at least the dialogues make sense and the proportions remain constant throughout.

Ralph R (de) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Nyree A (au) wrote: Still love it. River was a brilliant talent and Keanu? Well Keanu will always be beautiful ;)Van Sant? He paints this movie like a dark, surreal and truly beautiful painting.It's hilarious in parts, others so desperately sad but leaves me with a sweet taste knowing that no matter how bad you think things are and how alone you may feel, there is always someone out there who cares.