Make Me an Offer

Make Me an Offer

A struggling antiques dealer (Peter Finch) thinks he has found the answer to his problems when he stumbles across a precious vase amid a range of other less desirable items. The trouble is, the owners of the vase are pretty shrewd themselves and are not keen on letting it go for a song - meaning that our hapless chap has to pull out every trick in the book in order to win his prize.

Charlie as a boy on a trip to the local museum, falls in love with a green portland vase (wedgewood), and decides that this is his quest in life to find it. So as a grown up he is still ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dick F (ag) wrote: I love Eason Chan only .........

Stacey O (au) wrote: A great little must see Aussie film that deserves more promotion and accolades. Go see it.

Randy H (jp) wrote: TLA does it again with an incredible sexy, tear jerking, love story.

Benjamin J (ru) wrote: I guess it's worth seeing if you saw waiting, but still stupid.

Private U (kr) wrote: This was a really well done documentary. I think it is so important to support the soldiers and especially those who have been wounded. It made me think how hard it would be to be so young and live with a disability and to be the family that would have to take care of your son/daughter. I hope that Jeremy and his fellow soldiers will keep up the good fight.

WS W (kr) wrote: Although sounding a bit far-fetched, melodramatic, fairly neat & decent for a low budget production like this.

Maddy C (nl) wrote: Following Harry Potter and his friends in their second year at Hogwarts this film is darker than the first but is much more action packed and thrilling. A brilliant progression of the books adaptations to screen which should be seen by many. This year also introduces many new and rather legendary characters that just add to the magic of the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. Another must see and must love.

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Peter W (de) wrote: This is my favorite Araki film a little bit more upbeat than Doom Generation but way more out there visually and in plot. This does in my opinion have a much darker ending than his previous films. Score this from the Internet or import it because it's out of print in the US.

Scott C (ag) wrote: I don't like how Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes have these multiple entries for the same movies. I don't think this is the "real" entry for this film.

Nicola W (au) wrote: A story of a single mum in the 60s. Good movie but looked very dated. I seen it years ago and think it was better back then. Winona Ryder always plays odd parts and christi ricci was very young.

David H (kr) wrote: A great and violent Early Italowestern with a grandious Giulliamo Gemma

Ferna S (fr) wrote: There may be no point to watch this romantic tragedy if not because of Vivien Leigh.

Graydon B (de) wrote: One of my favorite Disney movies, its defintely depressing at times, but is still a great movie!

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