Makeup Man

Makeup Man

'Makeup Man' tells the story of cinema within cinema. Directed by Shafi, the film has Jayaram and Sheela in lead roles. The film inside the film is titled 'Cindrella' and Sheela plays Anamika, the actress doing the female lead in 'Cindrella'. Kunchacko Boban plays her hero in the film, while Siddiq plays Sidharth, the director.

Balu and Soorya, who get married and then realize that they have to start their dream life. As luck would have it, Soorya becomes an actress, and Balu pretends to be her makeup man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ole J (br) wrote: The story is nothing in this movie really, it is mainly the characters and the actors portraying then that works, of course the story leads them in these weird and awkward situations that really shapes the fun in the movie.It is entertaining and fun, but also gives a bit to think about. The main character played by Jesse Eisenberg is a burdened boy, that has to endure and do a lot, but it all ends well and he really is great and fun in this movie and keeps it together.

Matt B (es) wrote: I was very disappointed, not with the acting, but with the story in general. Why did they have to make Marie Antoinette a lesbian?

Kristen A (es) wrote: Don't know what I would do in this situation.

James H (gb) wrote: Tara strong is in it so it is perfect.

Niklas J (kr) wrote: Pretty good, shows again that Van Damme is not only a action star but also a good actor. Unfortunately, it kind of felt like an unfinished film for me in regard to the story.

Bill B (gb) wrote: I kinda dug my first watch of this one, especially since the newly made vampire decides to try to cope with his condition instead of trying to figure out a cure he just tries to make the best of things and stay ahead of an overzealous vampire hunter.Worth a rental.

Brett B (mx) wrote: Holy crap, is this bad! I'm usually an easy mark for 1980's sleaze like this, but this thing is just so strange, so weird that it's a huge turnoff.

Seth B (mx) wrote: Great Movie, my dad got this since it was one of his favorites and it was a great movie too watch.Everyone must see this.

Dylan V (ag) wrote: Very funny flick. I really like this group of guys as a comedy team.

Norberto F (es) wrote: superb acting by Jude Law.

Alison O (de) wrote: Best in Show: Mel Gibson One for the future: Mel Gibson Stand-out scene: Short shorts at the seaside Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated DVD commentary any good?: n/a TV The story has it that during the post-production on Mad Max, this movie's director (sometime actor Michael Pate) got word of the screen presence of its young star and cast him in this gentle Australian domestic drama. Developed from a story by Colleen McCullough (who also wrote the Thorn Birds; indeed her entire output consists of 'forbidden love' dramas - she went on to cover priest/young woman; nun/psychiatric patient dalliances after this spinster/special needs young man pairing. It being the late 70s, the colours of orange, brown and cream were being used in conjunction and shorts were being worn short. Flippancy aside however, this is actually a watchable movie evoking my formative years watching Australian dramas of varying quality. The cast (Gibson aside) went on to make appearances in such shows as Sons & Daughters, Prisoner Cell Block H and Blue Heelers (which also gave the world Hugh Jackman) and I must admit a fondness for Aussie drama and comedy right through from the before-mentioned shows to the likes of Sweetie and Muriel's Wedding. Tim is a builder's labourer working on the property next to forty-something businesswoman spinster Mary (Piper Laurie) and she engages his weekend services to sort out her garden (I could have used innudendo there, but I resisted). A friendship soon builds up, which progresses into the two of them tending to Mary's weekend beach property and eventually leads to something more than friendship. Tim's relationship with the members of his family (mom, dad and sister) is also given screen-time, which is some achievement given the movie's short running time. A Gibson back-catalogue gem.

Andy V (nl) wrote: Typical Bill Murray silliness.