Malabar Wedding

Malabar Wedding


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Aman A (mx) wrote: Lot of things worked for this movie. The ideology, while deep, was not tough to grasp as it was explained well. The twists were good and unexpected. It worked as a great rom com while being a deeply rooted scifi movie. It didn't need special effects which itself is a great thing. The acting was spot on. By the first twenty minutes, you were immersed in this weird yet believable world. What didn't work was the ending explanation and some other theories that were too strong to actually constantly follow throughout the movie. Such as , you will always be in the wrong place so how did he actually end up in the right place at any time? All in all, I'd recommend this movie definitely but it's not an easy, quick watch.

Lily G (it) wrote: I'm a huge ghibli studio fan and this must be their worst one in their history! Very disappointing. One star from me for the drawing. Story and characters are very weak. nearly stopped watching it midway. I hope miyazaki would make another good movie before he retires, otherwise, this would be quite a bad finale for his career.

Dan B (de) wrote: Low budget (borderline amateurish) Kiwi mix of ghosts and romance with offbeat characters that somehow make it much more likable than it deserves to be, despite its obvious flaws.

Samuel P (br) wrote: Couldn't finish it. So lame but what do you expect from a movie filmed in Oregon

(ru) wrote: Hmmmmm, I'd say this was good, but just was a little off from the storyline.

Sana W (ag) wrote: It's a hard movie to watch but I highly recommend it

Sydney Y (ca) wrote: Sad reality, but great movie.

Ryan D (au) wrote: Stupid story, but pretty guys. Even the computer nerd is pretty muscular. I don't know that I'd call him a computer nerd though, since he writes programs on a word processor and prints them out.

Art S (kr) wrote: Ken Russell tells Mahler's life story through a series of reveries experienced during a train trip just before illness felled him. The film is adorned with the flourishes, indulgences, and eccentricities that make Russell an interesting (and sometimes embarrassing) director. Someone with better knowledge of classical music might hear/see more synergies than I did, but in its loosey-goosey way this was still enjoyable.

John Y (ru) wrote: Well done film, and well worth your time.