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Malabrigo torrent reviews

Little D (au) wrote: It's what you'd expect from a PG-13 horror/thriller about college kids. Not really scary, but mildly entertaining.

Rebecca P (it) wrote: It's like a long, sterotype laiden, pilot for a bad sitcom. Kinda cute and funny at parts, just annoying and time wasting at others. You know any Carmen Electra movie is just gonna blow.

Geoffrey T (nl) wrote: The only valid reason to watch this movie is if you have a lot of spare time and have nothing better else to do than sleep.

Maria D (fr) wrote: Has some good moments thanks to Meryl Streep. Really cheesy lines. Script was awful. Also, really adheres/reinforces conventional stereotypes that an older woman dating a younger man will always lead to failure. The "religious" tension was also really back dated.

John T (es) wrote: Total 'B' movie about a gothic kid who wants to become the devil. I remembered it 10 years later, so it couldn't have been that bad, right? I liked how he showed how powerful he was by holding his breath for 10 minutes, whatever...

Zo A (jp) wrote: This was fun, though not the movie I thought it was. I've been trying to figure out what the name of a film I watched on TV in the '90's was, and this wasn't it. But it was still fun in an '80's sci-fi way. And so cute!

Snorre S (it) wrote: Den beste komedien jeg har sett. Nyt laitaa kalakukkua!

Martin B (de) wrote: The "Computer-Run-Amok"-genre is almost as dear to me as The Eco Horror-genre and here we have the birth of that first epic genre.For some reason is the decision made to hand over the complete defence of the U.S (including its atomic warheads) to a very new super computer that hasn't been proparly tested and seems to gain knowledge and intelligence at the speed of light when it grows in power and self-awareness.Poor man has not got much to set against this artificial super brain. And it's not only smart, it's pretty evil as well.Set in wonderful 1970 colors with chain smoking system developers trying to set the machine straight and a hillarious love story telling the female computer operator her right place, in bed that is.The end is a bit rough and flat, but otherwise it's good clean computer madness movie from the dawn of the digital era.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Howard F (us) wrote: This sounds like a Canadian version of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, or should I say Toronto. Except it takes place in western Canada. I'd like to see this because I love Canada, the Canadian thanksgiving is next Monday, October 12 (who cares about Columbus Day?!) and I've still want revenge on the Cree Indians, because I once danced with a Cree Indian girl in Regina, Saskatchewan, and she didn't tell me she was married until I started writing letters to her, when I returned to North Dakota.

Ariel R (jp) wrote: My 2nd fav movie. The writing in this is BRILLIANT!!

Brett H (ca) wrote: Doesn't push the envelope as much as it could with it's surprisingly terrifying premise, and winds up being a rather dull 80s slasher. Having B-movie legends like Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell should've made this far more entertaining, but it becomes very routine after thirty minutes and you're just waiting for the end. Not nearly as racy as the director's previous film, Maniac, but there are a few instances of brilliance (like a terrified woman shooting an innocent cop) that I hoped would be the film's direction. The premise of not being able to trust ANY cops is absolutely horrifying, and the filmmakers don't do enough with it.