Troubled teen Lisa can't seem to find the joy in everyday things. Lashing out desperately, she falls in love with her mother's junkie boyfriend, which can't end well.

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Malamor torrent reviews

Allan C (jp) wrote: Quite interesting look at Iggy and the Stooges.

Art S (jp) wrote: Beer may have helped but I really enjoyed this supernatural film noir from director John Farrow. Edward G. Robinson stars as Triton, a phony psychic answering questions posed by members of the audience (aided by his erstwhile assistants), who starts to have real visions of the future. Although he manages to warn people about (but ultimately not prevent) a few tragedies and help his friends win big at the races, Robinson's visions alarm him and lead him to despair and the life of a recluse. Only later, when he foresees the death of his former partner and then the subsequent murder of that man's daughter, does he emerge from hiding. The film then plays out according to his visions, despite police detective William Demarest's disbelief. Creepy and weird and noir, just the way I like 'em (although I'll admit that some of the supporting actors could be stronger).

Kelly W (mx) wrote: Gordon-Levitt and Deshanel are the quintessential indie couple. This movie was flawless - humorous, witty, bittersweetly real.

Nick K (ag) wrote: Pretty good movie. As good or better than the original!

Andrey B (de) wrote: Outstanding character study and extremely well played movie but its controversial ending really hampers this movie to be an absolute triumph.

Lee S (br) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Charlie L (it) wrote: A solid royal biopic with a fantastic performance from Geoffrey Rush.

Daniel F (kr) wrote: Some romantic comedies are worth it, but this is NOT a guys movie at all. It's too amoral, and you can see the ending comingfrom one solar unit away