Malas temporadas

Malas temporadas

Four people are searching for their place in this world.

Four people are searching for their place in this world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harold S (de) wrote: Really stupid and really funny

Alan L (de) wrote: Gets a lot of things right about the moneyminded film industry in the Aquarian age. There's fresh music, good European cast, plenty of navel gazing, a right measure of new inspiring moments. We have a Roman Polanski, thrilled to be making B vampire movies, director. We have a lecherous/socialist Roger Vadim. What's missing is Terry Southern, the writerly piece of the puzzle, and though Roman Coppola creates a beautiful movie without that, the reason you feel dirty in the end (as in, unhealthily inspired by a warm happy ending), is that no delightful king of mockery had his say. Well, maybe it's better in the end to feel positive about fellow humanity. But other times you want the satire to tell it as awful as possible.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Several great gags that barely tie together. Watch for the stellar supporting cast!

Ville T (ca) wrote: Heyerdahlin seikkailuja toli katseltua pienen enemmn kuin vhn. Uskomaton mies, uskomaton dokumentti.

Deborah M (fr) wrote: Points for originality and creativity but it was simply too disjointed to hold my interest, with not nearly enough backstory to make any of the characters rise above two-dimensional.