Malenkiy gigant bolshogo seksa

Malenkiy gigant bolshogo seksa

Based on the story "Oh, Marat!" by Fazil Iskander. The main character of the movie, Marat, lives in a coastal town near the Black Sea, he works as a photographer at the beach and is an ...

Based on the story "Oh, Marat!" by Fazil Iskander. The main character of the movie, Marat, lives in a coastal town near the Black Sea, he works as a photographer at the beach and is an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (mx) wrote: Good message and worth watching with your family.

Susan S (jp) wrote: Pure Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. Very poignant and very enjoyable.

katie m (es) wrote: i just like it because criss angel is on it!!!lol katie

Geoff C (ca) wrote: I can appreciate the film as far as it was the first real divergence in Kevin Smith's career from straight up comedy. But it isn't his best. Tusk is his better Thriller. I didn't care for how the film started and I didn't care for how it ended. The stuff in between the beginning and the end.

Jerry C (gb) wrote: A no-nonsense action flick. Kevin Sorbo shoots some bad drug dealers in Texas this time around. And he wastes no bullets.

Jason O (nl) wrote: I wanted to see "Bats" as soon as I saw the previews over a year ago and I finally got to see it awhile ago. It wasn't anything like what I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be a good horror movie with great special effects. "Bats" turned out to be the worst horror movie I've seen in a long time. A new breed of bat that was created by a man is terrorizing a small town in Texas. The bats kill everybody they see, so it's up to a wildlife zoologist (Dina Meyer) and a sheriff (Lou Diamond Phillips) to try and get rid of the bats before it's too late. "Bats" might have had better success a few years ago, but with the great horror movies that have been made lately, "Bats" just can't stand up to them. Sometimes the camera in the movie just goes in circles to where you can't see anything. There's not much plot to the movie other than to get rid of the bats. Finally, "Bats" was made in 1999. It's pretty bad when a movie made in the late 90's doesn't even have good special effects. The only thing that I did like about the movie was that the bats looked pretty cool. Some people might like "Bats," but for me, it just wasn't what I was expecting it to be. Therefore, unless you really really want to see it, I wouldn't recommend watching it. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. Bigtime disappointment movie for me.

Cole B (br) wrote: Favorite director, no plot

Dan H (de) wrote: An awful movie. The sets are good, there are maybe 5 or 6 chuckle-worthy moments, Will Smith is halfway decent at odd intervals, and I like that spider at the end for some odd reason. Unfortunately, about 97% of the jokes fall flat (especially the uncomfortable amount of black jokes), and the action/adventure partsdon't rear their heads all that often. This is, unfortunately, a film that is more-so interested in being a weird buddy cop comedy(Where the buddy cops are constantly at each others' throats, not fun. Also, both cops are assholes in their own ways) than an adaptation of the old TV show. This was also the film that committed the unforgivable sin of giving us Will Smith in drag (MY EYES!!!!). I don't know who they thought this movie would appeal to? As is, Wild Wild West is a slog that is sure to appeal to absolutely no one. Skip It!

Borhan K (nl) wrote: 6 Ways to Die is a thriller that is all about the Mexican cartel and a drug lord that has taken everything from his childhood friend and now the friend is back to take back what he has taken time for Revenge.I am not sure what else to tell you about this flick it's not for all it has chapters 6 chapters like a book and they go back a week each.The movie has a Flight Club Feel to it.The movie is not for kids and its a one time watch only.The cast is good but the movie is low budget you can tell by the sound effects and the same gun shot scene used repeatedly.This one an easy pay day for all actors involved nothing special here.Give it a miss not suitable for kids