Maleyali Jotheyali

Maleyali Jotheyali

Preetham escapes from his wealthy father who's hounding him to get married after an astrologer tells that it will be good for the family and meets two interesting girls on his way.

Preetham escapes from his wealthy father who's hounding him to get married after an astrologer tells that it will be good for the family and meets two interesting girls on his way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles H (gb) wrote: My daughter asked me to see it - it was spectacular! Hillarious, yet poignant. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen on Netflix. I think the US critics missed it, but what got me is the backstory of a woman who survived post-war Korea through grit and determination.

Hiroko T (au) wrote: Not quite exciting like Red October...

Chris W (ag) wrote: This is essentially director/star Clint Eastwood's take on the western classic Shane.Set in Northern California in the late 1880s, this film follows a group of independent pan miners who are terrorized by the corrupt and wealthy mining baron of a hydraulic mining operation and his vicious minions who want complete control of the area, and aren't fond of any kind of competition.Following a particularly devastating attack in which her dog is among those that get slaughtered, a young girl prays for a miracle, which shortly thereafter comes in the form of a mysterious stranger who rides a pale horse, and, due to wearing a clerical collar, becomes known simply as The Preacher. The Preacher soon makes it his mission to help the miners stand up for themselves, and take down the ruthless thugs that want to wipe them out.Yeah, the basic plot of this is nothing new, but it's done with a decent amount of style. I also liked that this film was really heavy on religious themes and overtones, and came off like a westernized take on a classic biblical epic. Not much is known about The Preacher, and over the course of the film this remains consistent, which gives a nice amount of ambiguity, and provokes thoughts of mythical and otherworldly proportions. SOme might think this is hokey, but it didn't bother me. I'm all for straightforward mysterious strangers who come to complete a mission, then call it a day once it's done.Eastwood is his typical self here in the lead, and to support him are a solid cast that includes Chris Penn, Richard Dysart, Richard Kiel, Sydney Penny, Carrie Snodgress, and Doug McGrath.The film has a nice look, is suitably gritty and stark when needed, and delivers the goods without any excess sidetracking. Like I said, it's nothing really knew, but it's still done quite well, so I say give it a look. Of the three westerns Eastwood made from 1976-1992, this one is the least of the three, but is still an okay film in its own right.

Mark H (us) wrote: Let's be honest, has there ever been a "great" film featuring a series of vignettes? How about one where each short is directed by a different person? Creepshow and Twilight Zone were released only about 7 months apart, and they may represent the two best short story compilation movies ever made. Years later, Tales From the Darkside was released, is worth seeing and a decent film in it's own right. Creepshow is the better film between it and Zone, but they are both very well made overall. We know about the tragedy, Vic Morrow and two children lost their lives in a horrific helicopter accident during the filming of what would be the first segment. Twilight Zone features four short stories, each from the legendary 1950's TV series of the same name. Mostly, the four directors capture the feel of that show, a very difficult task in and of itself. They also succeed at creating very widely diverse stories and moods. The first, a dark, somewhat mean tale about racism and hatred is even darker because of the real life fate of Vic Morrow. Still, this is a decent first story, and felt, to me at least, the most like an original Zone. Humorless, this first tale is wisely shown first so that by the end we sort of forget about it. The second story may have been viewed by the group (and, ironically I suppose, by director/producer, Steven Spielberg) as the weakest of the group. I don't agree. I felt this was the second best of the bunch, and I liked that it isn't out to scare us or creep us out in any way. It's a story about the value of life, making the most of the time we have, and that once around, for most, is enough (or it should be). I love Scatman Crothers, so I'm partial to this story, but I was moved by it, and I always am when I watch it. Without this story, this movie would have lacked alot of depth and weight I think. Spielberg is not afraid to step outside the box and do his own thing here. Even by 1983, he had juice. Joe Dante directs the weirdest of the bunch, the third entry which is about a cute, harmless-looking boy, about 11 years old, who has powers to make anything happen merely by making a wish. Creepy and uncomfortable, this is typical Dante being funny, creepy and scary in equal measure. The special effects are pretty good, and they save this entry from being a lot worse. The set is creepy and, while the story doesn't stand up to even the slightest scrutiny, is fun if you just accept it for what it is. The fourth segment is the best, most feel by a large margin. I agree that it is tightly directly, well acted, and quite scary. The monster is well done, and the final showdown between John Jithgow and the air-gremlin is really scary. I think this movie was so-so until the final act, when it all gets salvaged by a fine finale. It's not that the rest of the movie isn't good, it's just that it was really on the fence teetering precariously until the "terror at 20,000 feet" remake pushed it decidedly onto the right side of the fence solidifying it's place in movie history as a modest success scarred by tragedy. Ironically, the monster in the original "terror at 20,000 feet" is a laughably bad costume which looks like a furry monkey with a puffy, swollen face the result of a seafood allergy.

Yaniv E (br) wrote: Unintentionally hilarious masterpiece. Starts with a steamroller flattening flowers, then moves on to rotting corpses, then to an even more horrifying, stilted sex scene... The hits just keep on coming in this misguided attempt at exploitation/social commentary. Wild midnight screenings first Friday of every month in Tel Aviv, come if you're around!

Chris S (gb) wrote: Probably the most underrated of all of Ridley Scott's movies, a pretty facinating film of Christopher Columbus. Stellar cinematography and a moving soundtrack.