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Robot prostitute [email protected] roams a deserted city unsuccessfully looking for johns after the human race is obliterated in this adult anime tale. With no people left, the android serving class has a meaningless existence. But after a horrific tentacled beast rapes [email protected], she inexplicably turns human. With a renewed purpose in life, she tries to share the gift of humanity with others of her kind.

A sex bot named Malice is attacked by a creature with tentacles. After it has its way with the bot it destroys it, but Malice comes back to life with the ability to spread life to other bots like a disease. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(jp) wrote: Possibly the worse film me and Lauren ever seen!

Luca B (ca) wrote: Proprio niente male come idea e come sceneggiatura se non fosse per alcune scelte inadeguate in termini di cast. Redford pi che padre sembra un nonno e le vecchie rivoluzionarie con i labbroni a canotto fanno ridere.

Johana C (gb) wrote: This movie was super cute! I think I might have cried too!

Gustav K (nl) wrote: Vi lever i en sjuk vrld...

Marshall H (us) wrote: A story of prophecy and destiny that is told in a Disney'ish style. A decent movie for young boys.

Evan R (de) wrote: George C. Scott provides one of the top performances in cinematic history in this marvelously crafted war epic.

Mickey M (us) wrote: "Melanie Porter" (Raven-Symone) has finally come to lock horns with her father (Martin Lawrence) after growing up as "Daddy's Little Girl." She wants to go to Georgetown University, but he is way too over-protective, and demands that she Northwestern University, which is less than 30-minutes from the family home. She plans a college road trip with two friends (Brenda Song and Margo Harshman), but good old daddy has plans for him to take her on the trip himself. Everything goes wrong for "Melanie" on the trip, which includes her father recruiting fellow police officers to stage an outrageous scene to get her to go to Northwestern to her brainiac brother (Eshaya Draper), stowing away with the family pig in their father's police vehicle. Now, the foursome have to get to Georgetown before "Melanie's" dreams come crashing to the ground. I have to say this is one of the most predictable movies I've seen in some time. You knew during the opening credits that there was going to be comedic bumps in the proverbial road, with the two main characters fighting all the way until they bond again at the end of the film. I wasn't too impressed with the humor. Again, due to the predictability of the movie. I probably laughed six times the entire movie. Most of the jokes you've seen in other movies, and are done better in those movies. The gags were not set up well if you ask me, and you knew the punchline was coming just as the comedic scenes were starting. I also did not like the performances of Donny Osmond and his on-screen daughter played by Molly Ephraim. There is such a thing as being too over-the-top, and they were. Personally, I don't think either were happy with thier roles, as, to me, they seemed to have forced their performances a bit too much. On the other hand, Martin and Raven-Symone were pretty good together, and did a fairly good job at being a comedy team -- with her being the "straight man" to Martin as the comic. I've flipped passed Raven-Symone's TV series when they are in the middle of a comedic moment. In the show, she seems to be forcing herself at the comedy. Here, she was more comfortable. The supporting cast was completely under used. It seemed to me that characters showed up when needed in the script. There was very little character development in these characters beyond of being told who they were, and how they related to the main characters. Mostly, the supporting cast were either used in comedic scenes, or to set up plot twists. As for the soundtrack, it's mostly well-known tunes heard for decades, sometimes in other movies and television shows. There isn't any of the major names from Disney like the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus on the soundtrack. It's the original artists you hear like the Jackson 5. You also only get one original song in the movie, sung on-screen by Raven-Symone in a funny moment on a tour bus filled with karaoke-singing Japanese tourists. The song itself was upbeat, and is easy to dance to, but you won't be singing it for weeks after. I couldn't really get into this movie, thanks to it being so predictable. However, there are a few good laughs and pretty good performances from Raven-Symone and Martin which barely carry the movie. I would have to say save this one for a rainy day when there is nothing else on.

Philip L (de) wrote: A completely unrated gem of a horror flick written and directed by Charles Kaufman (brother of Troma founder and creator of the Toxic Avenger Lloyd Kaufman). An insane domineering mother and her two hillbilly sons Ike and Addley live in psychotic bliss in the backwoods where they commit acts of rape and murder to please their momma. Very sleazy, lots of tar black humor, but one hell of a fun time.