A mystery woman turns vengeful after a college athlete dumps her following a one-night stand.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Malicious 1995 full movies, Malicious torrents movie

A medical student, obsessed with her school's star baseball player, pursues him and finally manages to get him to spend the weekend with her. However, when he soon returns to his girlfriend... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gimly M (br) wrote: 13 Sins is the English language remake of the 2006 Thai movie 13 Beloved, which was similar in style, substance and name to the 2006 French movie 13 Tzameti which had its own English language remake called 13. Confused? Well so was I because I couldn't remember if this was one of the ones I'd seen before or not. Turns out I hadn't, but I have now. 13 Sins sits somewhere in the middle in terms of acceptability for a film. The plot was thin, the acting and effects were "okay" virtually every twist you could see coming or was stupid and unimportant, the second-hand embarrassment from what Mark Webber's character goes through is palpable, and the climax was only moderately satisfying... But I was also never bored, and there's nothing worse for a film to be than boring. So there's something to be said for that. Even if Cheap Thrills came along and did it better.

Stephen B (us) wrote: So slow. Not a boring film but not very engaging either.

Ben V (ru) wrote: Nice cinematography.

Ben F (nl) wrote: A very intriguing cyberpunk sci-fi noir that uses motion capture animation to great effect. The stark use of black and white rather than grayscale adds another dimension to the story, which has been beautifully dubbed by the likes of Daniel Craig, Jonathan Pryce and Sean Pertwee.

PD S (ag) wrote: a really indepth look at something everyone has heard of but few know much about.

John J (us) wrote: I forgot just how incredible this movie is--the best 87 minutes you'll ever spend in front of your television.

Jason R (gb) wrote: the 1st of the italian cannibal sub genre i saw it after the others, whom borrow scene liberally from this film..literally..a strong fim but not as gory as it's put out to be

Dave J (au) wrote: Friday, November 12, 2010 (1934) Evelyn Prentice DRAMA/ MYSTERY One of fourteen films William Powell and Myna Loy starred together- a good portion of them are mysteries! The plot has successful laywer husband (Powell)spending most of his time with his work than spending quality time with his wife Evelyn Prentice (Loy) and family! As the film progresses she goes to a nightclub without him and their meets a respectable man who has false intentions is when things gets complicated! Not as enjoyable as other films the duo had done but the result ended with a satisfying conclusion, even if it has the somewhat of an implausable ending! Also known as Rosaline Russell's first movie screen debut as the woman Powell successfully defended at the beginning of the picture! 3 out of 4

Elton G (au) wrote: Iron Man brings the titular hero to screen with convincing special effects, great acting on the part of RDJ, and an not formulaic plot.

Anthony H (jp) wrote: Predictability is off the charts

Al S (es) wrote: An extremely intense, stylish, pulse-pounding and wickedly action-packed flick with some awesome and cool as hell martial arts sequences. A razor-sharp, wickedly cool and hard-rocking thrill-ride of a movie. It's pure adrenaline-pumping action from start to finish. A hard-hitting, bone-crunching and blood-thirsty action movie. A explosive knockout. A very smart and kick-ass movie. A very strong and very compelling action movie. An impressive cast of actors that all deliver great and compelling performances. Michael Jai White is at his best, bringing in pure dramatic intensity and expert crafted martial arts skills to his performance, he is truly an action hero to route for. Eamonn Walker is explosive. Julian sands is terrific.

Lou A (ag) wrote: An interesting concept and a good share of effort, but still somewhat of a letdown. The idea of humanizing Dracula, by giving him a sympathetic backstory, works for the most part. As does giving him new abilities and viscerally showing audiences what it is like for him to possess them. But this is the first film for both the writers and the director, and it shows. Evans is very good, and he has great chemistry with Gadon, but the development of their romance feels lacking, much like every other aspect of the story. It is evident that the screenplay could have used a re-write. The climax, however, is actually beautifully dark, thrilling, and shot superbly. Overall it entertains, but Universal's main purpose with this film (to establish a shared cinematic universe with reboots of their classic movie-monsters) is just, for the lack of a better word, downright silly.

J M (nl) wrote: The characters were not developed enough for me to like Colin Firth's 'Stanley' and they should have cast someone closer to his own age. No chemistry. Fell flat.

Maeva F (ag) wrote: boring as hell dispite great acting.

Greg R (ca) wrote: As great as this film is, it's one of those movies where it's hard to watch again after the first time.