Mall Cop

Mall Cop

An indie comedy where a mall cop befriends her predecessor, who's back on the job after he failed to put the kibosh on a major burglary.

An indie comedy where a mall cop befriends her predecessor, who's back on the job after he failed to put the kibosh on a major burglary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mall Cop torrent reviews

Scott W (kr) wrote: not as good as i thought

Pamela D (gb) wrote: The stories could have been a little more developed,with some twist endings, but still, not bad.

Romaric R (mx) wrote: Ne pas oublier le paquet de mouchoirs....

sebastian m (fr) wrote: It's so damn boring. The only character you will like is Jakob. 20/100

Ryan B (de) wrote: "Maybe you've seen my new movie, it's called, "Legionnaire!!"." The only reason I saw this was because it was well punned on SNL. With that being said, it's just bad, like really, really, bad.

Anthony P (fr) wrote: Really good movie, and very fun to watch.

Stephen C (br) wrote: Powerful film which contains several outstanding moments and while its doesnt have a cental narrative its main theme is the terrorist outrages of the German Baader Meinhof gang and German reaction to the kidnapping and murder of a prominent German Businessman and the suicide of the 3 main leaders of the gang. Fassbinder is of course on hand here as he questions motives and drink and drugs his way through his sequences. The film contains moments of outstanding beauty including a silent movie re enactment and a encounter with a mealancoly border guard. Not all of it works of course and the casual viewer could become bored bit what i found facinating is that the film makers also sort to confront Germanys viloent past and how this impacted on the events of 1976/77. The film is book ended by 2 funerals which have toatlly diffrent outcomes and reactions. As a document of Germany at that time this really is hard to beat and although its can be a confusing watch the film really delivers the goods on many many levels

Miguel A (mx) wrote: Whodunnit em tons giallo consegue arrecadar algum interesse at ao momento em que entra em modo de parvoce atrs de parvoce at que se esgote a pacincia. No culpa do filme, mas o facto do seu protagonista assemelhar-se muito ao Diogo Morgado tambm ajuda nada.

Frdric I (jp) wrote: Premier succs de Claude Sautet avec Lino Ventura et Jean-Paul Belmondo (qui ne cabotine pas encore). Un excellent polar sur un homme traqu, aux abois et lch par ses amis. A voir.

Mike D (jp) wrote: has car-wreak appeal

Hrant B (kr) wrote: Machine Gun Preacher is based on a true story about a man who saw refuge to help the helpless children of Sudan. After getting out of prison he has a wakening to build a church for the kids. To this day he has been helping them but he left behind his own family to help those kids. If you can't fix your own family you should go off to fix someone else's problems. It had a great cast but the storyline needed a rewrite. It was ok to watch once.

Tanis M (mx) wrote: This movie tries very hard to get across a lovely message. To consider the effects our choices have on our life paths makes for a compelling idea. But this movie really does get bogged down in the details and often seems to add a lot of superfluous details that probably could have been cut to make a better paced final product. By no means is it bad, but by the end, it rather felt as though it was wearing out its welcome.As a side note: I felt so bad for poor Jean. She got the shitty end of the stick the whole movie.

Andreia B (br) wrote: Can't believe i already saw this movie a long time ago and forgot to do the review.It was a very interesting movie, the story was a bit sad though, but still a very good movie, really enjoyed the characters, the movie scenes were overwhelming, the explosions and the fighthing everything was really really goood