Mama's Comeback

Mama's Comeback


When Rosie was in her twenties, she was the drag-racing queen of Sweden, a brilliant star in this almost exclusively male sport. Then life intervened, with marriage and children putting an end to her racing days. Now, after a 34-year break, Rosie is making a comeback. Urged on by her daughter and self-proclaimed manager, she tries to find sponsors. The road is uneven and behind her dreams of a comeback, there are depressions, burnout and family tragedies. This film is a revealing and complex portrait of a woman who gains strength by allowing herself to be weak. The fight to become the world's fastest grandmother is really the fight to reclaim one's own life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jae L (gb) wrote: cant wait for this movie palpak jay luv it

Raphael G (br) wrote: I was going to give it 2,5 stars, because I didn't like it that much. It could've been much better. But the idea, however unoriginal, was really cool, and I think it's great to see a big Brazilian sci-fi. That's new territory for us. So, it's an alright start. I hope more (better) Brazilian sci-fis come out in the near future. Oh, and Wagner Moura is cool.

Adam M (br) wrote: Early 80's cult chiller. A young mother is attacked in her home by an unseen force with no idea what it is and what it wants. Apparantly based on a true story, The Entity does a great job of building tension throughout along with some scares. Its this that makes the film still work, despite it looking a little dated. It might seem a bit random as we never actually find out who/what exactly the antagonist is but at the same time its the not knowing that keeps you on edge, even though that might prove frustrating to some.

Frances Ann A (es) wrote: beautifully made film with exquisite acting from Hatice Aslan can't quite make up for a lack of dialogue, plot, and substance in ths sad story of a depressed family. Slow-moving, too, to give you a heads-up.

mimi (kr) wrote: good movie, but why did they pick aaron carter? he is such a neverwas. they should've picked some other hotter guy.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: aside from some of the acting this movie sucked!

VanNATTA (ca) wrote: I grew up on this 80s masterpiece !!!!!

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Robert Altman's NASHVILLE is without question not only one of the most important films to emerge from the 1970's -- it is a cinematic masterpiece and one of the finest American Films of all time.

Lee M (jp) wrote: Liz Taylor in all her glorious pulchritude. The surprise murder tops off the nutty story with a real bang.

David P (mx) wrote: Very formulaic old movie. The musical pieces were very well done though the storyline was a bit strained to fit all of them. Jimmy Stewart is his typical "bumbling" self and does the part to perfection. The conflict between families is laughable at best, but does not keep the movie from being very enjoyable. The love interest is a the same story found in so many other old movies. Overall, I found it quite enjoyable to watch.

Dan H (au) wrote: One of the definitive Film Noirs. An ex-private eye is dragged back into the past he tried to leave behind him when an old associate of his finds him and alerts him that one of his old contractors wants to talk to him. Robert Mitchum (in his first starring role) drifts cooly through the film as Jeff Bailey, the cynical detective at the heart of our story, and just about every line out of his mouth is instantly cool. His Jeff Bailey is easily the second best noir character behind Bogart's Philip Marlowe. Jane Greer is a perfect and beautiful femme fetale as Kathie Moffett. Virginia Huston is great and pretty as Bailey's girl Ann Miller. Dickie Moore also puts on a superb supporting performance as The Kid, a deaf and mute teen who acts as Bailey's second hand. Out of The Past is easily one of the best film Noir's you can see, and it's got a lot of the trademarks of noir in it from dark corners, a sexy and hard to read femme fatale, a cynical and wounded private eye, some voice overs, and a twisty plot . This is a great film, plain and simple.