Man About Dog

Man About Dog

Three pedigree chumps learn that every underdog has its day in this freewheeling Irish comedy. In hock to the tune of £50,000 to a Belfast bookie and saddled with a dopey greyhound that wouldn't run if its backside was on fire, the likely lads head south on a road trip in the hope of seeing a man about a dog. Foul-mouthed and funny, Man About Dog is full of great craic.

Man About dog is an irreverent, witty and fast paced comedy caper about a tale of 3 losers who leave their quaint town with a debt of $50k to a bookie, only to embark on a journey of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Man About Dog torrent reviews

James D (us) wrote: A must see. Loved the opening of the movie... Really enjoyed this one.

Eamon M (es) wrote: Sometimes there are movies that come out that just change the way we think about film. This is one of them. Do not miss your chance on Doggie B.

Kyowa L (de) wrote: Must see. Bad ass blue Ray.

Nicole i (it) wrote: There is nowhere to hide in your mind...Hm, only 2 stars overall? I guess that should give some indication that this movie lacks quite a bit. For me, it started out too fast and didn't give enough background info on Leelee Sobieski's character to make her likable. The dialogue seemed out-of-place a lot of the time. This movie wasn't that scary but there were a few scenes that could make you jump. I admit that I was kind of confused at the end but I think I figured it out. I suppose it's worth a watch if there is nothing else on. I might be a little generous with the 3 stars but I did like the atmosphere.

Michael M (de) wrote: I liked it, nice seeing the characters grow up.. Sort of.

Christina D (ca) wrote: As much as I dislive Jennifer Lopez, I did enjoy this movie. It's a good when you're bored, sitting at home type of movie.

Diana S (gb) wrote: Once I start a movie I like to finish it...God, why do I do this to myself?

Jey A (nl) wrote: Like Jack Skellington?

John D (au) wrote: Good cast is given lackluster material. Look for a young Dean Jones as a Marine.

Russell K (it) wrote: Really enjoyed this - one of the best performances by HB I have seen. Believable characters, tense plot, great finale......

John J (nl) wrote: Just doesn't work. Eva Green's character has the opportunity of several lifetimes, since she is an epidemiologist, yet spends her days and night casually shacking up with Ewan McGregor's character. The disease progresses and the symptoms manifest in people simultaneously, despite the fact that they wouldn't have been infected at the same time.

Alyan H (mx) wrote: a great film from the late great Harold Ramis