Man from Canyon City

Man from Canyon City

Red and Carraucho, after escaping from jail, reach the border to Mexico and are hired by Morgan, a rich silvermine owner. Disgusted by the latter's cruelty, especially against the local peones, the two support a revolt organized with the aid of Mrs. Vivian, wife of the ruthless tyrant.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Red and Carraucho, after escaping from jail, reach the border to Mexico and are hired by Morgan, a rich silvermine owner. Disgusted by the latter's cruelty, especially against the local peones, the two support a revolt organized with the aid of Mrs. Vivian, wife of the ruthless tyrant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron M (mx) wrote: Cliche but enough there to keep you watching

Antti Q (kr) wrote: A film about a documentary about a film. A Spanish film group goes to Bolivia to shoot a movie about Columbus and his exploits of the indigenous Indians, exploiting local people by hiring them for next to nothing as extras to play people fighting for their lives against colonialists while following them fighting for their lives against globalization.An excellent and moving work of art from Iciar Bollain, as are the rest of her movies I have seen.

Rheannon K (nl) wrote: Felt like this wasn't quite as good as the trailer made it out to be. I'm not one to be bothered by slow movies, but I thought this was exceedingly slow and I had a hard time keeping myself involved with it. The idea of the movie was quite nice though.

Matthew L (kr) wrote: Looks pretty but not a very interesting storyline.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, very original story and well cast (even Shirley Henderson is very good here. Not nearly as "screetchy" as normal - I am sure she puts that voice on!), also quite funny in a dark way thanks to Julia Davis (I can never take her seriously. I just see Jill from NIghty Night whenever I see her!). There was just something about the story itself that didn't sit quite right with me. It seemed horrible for Wilbur and Alice to be carrying on behind Harbour's back, and then the final scene seemed disrespectful to Harbour. I don't want to spell it all out and ruin it for those who have not seen this, but those who have will know what I mean. Perhaps I am missing the point, I am not sure...

Annie M (jp) wrote: A very good swedish movie that deals with dementia in a very, very good way! Very moving and Sven and Viveka is swedish finest! :)

Gergely K (fr) wrote: zseni kutya, gyerek, egy g (C)nmanipullt jeti (C)s michael ironside. nem igazn (C)rtem mi (C)rt k (C)sz 1/4lt m (C)g 3 r (C)sz ez alapjn...

Ed B (fr) wrote: There is no such thing as a perfect plan. Not when it comes to movie heists anyway. There's always that one thing that becomes the fly in the ointment. No matter how perfectly conceived, well, things go wrong.Some of the time it's a nobody with loose lips that sinks the ship. Sometimes the plan is done in by a nosy cop. Hell, most of the time it's foiled by the bad guys' own greed. Not in this case. No, in Kansas City Confidential the plan is done in by an outsider with a chip on his shoulder.A mere victim of circumstance, Joe gets fingered for the heist of the century. He's simply some poor sap that should've called in sick that day. Only he wasn't set up or framed to take the fall, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.Locked up, grilled and publicly slandered, he's become notorious around KC. As an ex-con trying to make an honest living, things have been tough. Now with the unfavorable notoriety he's been receiving, he's got nowhere to turn. With nothing left to lose, he decides to track down the crooks himself. The men responsible for the crime are unaware that some poor chump took the fall for their deeds. In fact, their plan was so perfect, there was no reason to even suspect that somebody could be onto them. The hitch is: They wore masks. None of them saw each other's faces before, during or after the heist. Hidden identities and no names insured that snitching would be out of the question. Brilliant.Brilliant that is, until Joe shows up. Posing as one of the robbers, whom the others could never identify, he arrives at the rendezvous to collect a split of the earnings. Of course, this can't go smoothly either. Movie heists never do.In the end, nothing goes according to plan. The seemingly perfect crime is foiled by it's own brilliance. Going to such great lengths to hide their own identities opened the door to outsiders and their own suspicions. Whether it be law abiding citizens or criminals, anonymity breeds distrust. To quote Robert Burns, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Keep that in mind next time you mastermind a brilliant heist... and do the job alone. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Keenan S (kr) wrote: Harakiri is a brilliant, under-appreciated drama that deconstructs the fantasy and illusion behind samurai ways, but also that of who we feel are heroes, and also the hypocrisy of what believe to be honor and integrity. It's a harsh and honest drama about life itself and it holds no illusions about such things.The film is about a samurai named Hanshiro Tsugumo, who has come to the residence of the Iyi Clan with the intent to commit the ritual suicide practice of harakiri.The members of the Iyi Clan are suspicious of his intentions, especially after a previous samurai named Motome Chijiiwa came to their residence with claims of the same thing, only it turned out he was there for money out of pity (Or possible employment) and had no intention of killing himself. However, the clan made him go through with it, by making him perform the ritual with his own bamboo sword, rather than give him one of their swords to use.But, Hanshiro has no intentions of money or employment...he simply wants to die. But, before this, he wants the clan to listen to his life story of what led him to this point. Things become more troublesome for the clan when he reveals his connection with Motome, the fact that three of their members are suspiciously absent that day he requests them to be his second (The person who decapitates the person performing the ritual. They are also the main people responsible for Motome's death), and how he begins to criticize and tear apart their enclosed world to expose the hypocrisy rife throughout it.The story is brilliant, especially how it so carefully unravels who Hanshiro is and how he so daringly picks apart at the samurai life and how it cost him everything in his life that should have been more important. He is by far the most interesting character and one of the most fascinating characters I have ever watched in a film because he is so well rounded and fully developed as a tortured soul.Naturally, the actor playing Hanshiro, Tatsuya Nakadai steals the show as the lead character and it was damn-near impossible to take my eyes away from the screen as I watched him perform so brilliantly and absorbed himself completely in the role. The other actors are also quite good, like Akira Ishihama as Motome Chijiiwa and how he reveals who his character truly was, rather than how he is portrayed by the Iyi Clan and what drove him there. The acting at times almost feels like a product of divine intervention as so many brilliant actors were cast in a brilliant film as there is not a single weak element.Harakiri is a must-see drama for anyone who loves a good drama. It's a scathing, honest, and brutal drama (The bamboo sword disembowelment scene made me cringe more than most gory films). It's also a great drama about the reflections about how harsh and terrifying life itself can be due to the cruelty and hypocrisy of human nature, especially in places where we would like to believe there was honor and integrity. Harakiri demolishes that fantasy, and it does so in an engaging, riveting, and masterful way. It's an important and masterful film that is worth seeing should you come across it.

Thomas G (es) wrote: Great graphic violence , excellent believable story, never dull! Well done horror flick!