Man Hunt

Man Hunt

British hunter Thorndike vacationing in Bavaria has Hitler in his gun sight. He is captured, beaten, left for dead, and escapes back to London where he is hounded by German agents and aided by a young woman.

Renowned British big game hunter Captain Alan Thorndike goes through the forest near the Berghof, Adolf Hitler's residence near Berchtesgaden. Getting the dictator in his telescopic sight, he pulls the trigger on his unloaded rifle and gives a wave. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Man Hunt torrent reviews

Gus B (nl) wrote: Sounds like a propaganda film.

Ekene O (mx) wrote: Grade: B. I liked it. 'Twas pretty funny.

Heather M (ag) wrote: I only watched this because of the cast and I was a little disappointed. The plot was pretty corny, but it had a sweet ending and a few laughs along the way.

BellaRay (de) wrote: I've actually heard of this film, but I didn't hear good things.

Vikram T (it) wrote: v agreed. but i still liked it it got me a hope that she was gone escape haha

Terri H (kr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Stefanie B (it) wrote: its just bad...I mean the play is so much better and they distroyed it...the actor in the leading part was plain bad...horibble...but the story is good if that helps... :|

Justin T (au) wrote: Nice modern rendition of Henry IV. River Phoenix gives a beautiful, sometimes heart-wrenching performance, and surprisingly Keanu Reeves is serviceable in shakespeare unlike his performance in Kenneth Branaugh's Much Ado About Nothing. My complaint is the character of Bob(Falstaff) is not highlighted enough to be a proper rendition.

Justin A (br) wrote: I enjoyed the performances and the concept, but the jokes just did not land and the characters were so basic and generic despite the good job by the actors. It's one of those movies where things just sort of happen for a long time and then near the end they finally realized there should probably be some sort of plot development. Not a bad movie, and it's an enjoyable "find on TV after midnight" kind of movie, but not something that needs to be seen (unless maybe you're a die hard Ron Howard or Michael Keaton fan).

Dan S (kr) wrote: Intense rescue scene.

Robert P (es) wrote: An easy five stars. Right up with the best films on sports with great action of rugby league. Great achievement from Lindsay Anderson who would go on to direct If and Britannia Hospital among other gems. Surely Rich's finest hour, yes even surpassing The Wild Geese, as he balances strength, defiance, brutishness and vulnerability, strangely resembling Marlon at times, and matching his on screen intensity. This movie should have been required viewing for Gazza and Wazza, warning as it does of the trials involved in being a working class hero. Great support from, among others, Arthur Lowe and Leonard Rossiter

Cassidy S (gb) wrote: As someone who loves music and film, this one was a very cute watch. I loved the messages of positivity and how the art of music can make people's lives so much better. Jack Black is a hit or miss actor in my eyes, but in this film, I think he was the only person who could have done his character justice.