Man in Black

Man in Black

A yogi seemingly dies while simulating death and his evil second wife, and her daughter, try to force his daughter into insanity for control of his estate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Man in Black torrent reviews

Grant H (ru) wrote: Good movie. It starts off energetic and stylish, and evolves into the grim portrayal of the world of pornography while remaining stylish. While it jumps back and forth too often, the performances are great from the whole cast, especially Seyfried and Sarsgaard

Kathy D (kr) wrote: Bad acting, lame storyline, and boring. I never figured out what the actual point was.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Based on it's Bland Script, Bland Acting, Improper Character Development, Little-To-No Action And Uninspiring Story, The Lone Ranger is the movie that will put Hollywood to shame for centuries in the future to come.

Marc H (kr) wrote: powder puff pink bubble gum cotton candy vacuous crap

Ashli H (kr) wrote: Gross but hilarious.

Xaralampos L (fr) wrote: Poor acting and an unbelievable plot don't let this slasher film stand out among its counterparts, neither in terms of scares nor of remarkable filmmaking.

Alex R (de) wrote: ohhh yeahhhh very sexy

Patrick B (fr) wrote: The movie just goes on for way too long. Actually, that's not the correct thing to say. The correct thing to say is that writer and director Tim Robbins fails to keep his premise interesting for an hour and 45 minutes. I get that "Bob Roberts" is a critique on how the news media spins the events that happen in politics. I got that about 30 minutes in, and then the movie just goes on and on about it. Meanwhile, the character of Bob Roberts just sings folk songs and attempts to evade a snooping journalist. That's it. Maybe others found this a little more fascinating, but I was ready for this overrated satire to end way before the end credits.

Alex (br) wrote: Ima give this two stars just now, cause its a true story and classic Dudikoff, and I liked it when I was wee...but watching it now, sometimes I was like ...dude -gay! lmao

Laurie A (ru) wrote: There are some really funny jokes, but the story is awful.