Man Without a Star

Man Without a Star

Man Without a Star is a 1955 western film starring Kirk Douglas as a wanderer who gets dragged into a range war. It was based on the novel of the same name by Dee Linford.

The film centers on a cowboy- Dempsey Rae persuading his young friend - Jeff Jimson to come to a small town and work for an rancher. One day, Dempsey realizes that he has a chance to work with a beautiful woman, which makes him have a resourceful plan and leads him to conflict. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate S (jp) wrote: Linda Hamilton has fallen a long way to end up in this crap. She's the best thing in it, and all she does is look (not quite) horrified at a camera in front of a green screen. "Woeful" is understating how bad this movie is.

Spencer S (de) wrote: War documentaries aren't all that new, since news reels have been played in the beginning of penny shows at the start of the twenties, but this is so obtuse and discomforting. It's of this time, it revolves around people that are close to our hearts, and more horrifying they have been there for a long time. Journalist Sebastian Junger and filmmaking partner Tim Hetherington spent years shadowing a platoon in the infamous Korengal Valley, one of the most dangerous places in any war zone. Surrounded by the enemy at all times, the men go through a spectrum of attacks and retribution just to seize this bit of territory from Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and possibly kill the men who killed their own. Their squad leader, barely distinguishable from his young squadron, tries to find common ground with the local sages, but time and again cultural barriers turn the tides, including the death of a cow in their fencing. The platoon early on loses a medic named Restrepo, who they name their Observational Point after. Building the OP in itself is difficult thanks to the frequent firefights that come with the cursing of broken down soldiers. More than one time the soldiers are seen in the outpost firing at some unseen entity, cursing and cajoling their fellow soldiers into action. They do joke around quite a bit as well, and turn to one another for comfort through humor at the worst of times but most of the time it's all grief, travesty, and horror. At one point in the film a solider is cut down by gunfire and a fellow soldier cries out in horror for a long while as the others try to get him to keep fighting. Their leader bucks them up, and turns the unseen forces around them into an enemy based on the hatred the soldiers feel at losing their friends. It becomes an unending cycle, and by the end you're happy that they have gotten out, as unnerving and traumatic as it was for them. Very well put together, edited, and composed, this is a true look at the state of Afghanistan's relations with US soldiers and the situation there. This is more about relations than the horrors of war, which are all the more impactful thanks to soldier's interviews with the directors afterwards. It's just a riveting watch, for anyone out there limiting themselves on the debate of the war.

Steve D (ru) wrote: perhaps the greatest cast ever assembled puts forward a great story, which is brilliantly handled by Redford. It may not be the masterpiece many are looking for but it raises a lot of moral questions.

Devilish G (ag) wrote: Great acting... the ending is a bit gap though :P

Ada D (nl) wrote: The Iron Lady: Directed by Phyllida Lloyd Starring Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher and Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher. A elderly Margaret speaks to her recently deceased husband as she struggles to come to terms with his death and as she looks back on her career as British Prime Minister. The film has a perfect cast that are never able to shine due to bad storytelling. The plot jumps around far to much and the main focus of her illness overshadows her work in office.

Gabby C (br) wrote: A fucking embarrassment

Alex F (ca) wrote: real gritty reminds me of the early and mid 2000s

nicholas k (ru) wrote: This is by far the worst christmas special i've seen in my life. i can't think of a single redeeming factor. all teh charecters are annoying as i'll get. the songs are terrible. this story rapes the song that was lovable and cute.

Nicole R (de) wrote: Harrowing, captivating film that puts you into the mind of a schizophrenic as he is followed by a detective investigating him for serial killing. This film makes you uncomfortable with its brutal realism. Peter Greene's (Zed from Pulp Fiction) best performance - what an amazing actor this guy was before he became an addict. He could have been big. A real shame.

Michael L (kr) wrote: More documentary and less performances (a mixed bag themselves) would've given this mess some structure and intent.

Pierre M (kr) wrote: Tinto Brass! Need I say more? The most amazing erotic film maker of all time! A must see!

Misko I (de) wrote: Louis Mazzini: "It is so difficult to make a neat trump of killing people with whom one is not on friendly terms."

Mark P (de) wrote: This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. Terrible script, terrible effects, terrible acting.

Wilbur G (mx) wrote: Me estoy mareando con esta trama

Sean M (us) wrote: C c. Cc c c c cc mc,c,Aaaa?

Matt H (au) wrote: Solid fluff piece, luckily Shep Gordon is truly pretty interesting.

La A (nl) wrote: Good movie, the characters are alive and if you are smart enough you can understand everything of why they are doing what they are doing.