Radha (Naga Chaitanya) and Krishna (Samantha) are a married couple with a kid Bittu in early 1980's. They die in an accident. Bittu (Nagarjuna) grows up and happens to see reincarnation of his father and his mother as youngsters. The rest of the story is all about how Bittu tries to unite these two youngsters. And there is another twist in the tale for which you must watch the movie on the big screen!

Radha (Naga Chaitanya) and Krishna (Samantha) are a married couple with a kid Bittu in early 1980's. They die in an accident. Bittu (Nagarjuna) grows up and happens to see reincarnation of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (es) wrote: At this point, going in to watch a Nicholas Cage movie is a sentence to witnessing some of the worst creations in filmmaking history. It's difficult to say what was good about the movie as it was literally nothing. The bad however, I don't know where to begin; the horrible script, the laughable CGI, or Cage's acting. Such a story deserved to be told in a grand Oscar-worthy motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg.

Oscar T (gb) wrote: Cuenta con mucha originalidad pero no tiene la genialidad de V/H/S 2.

Chris L (fr) wrote: Honestly baffled by the positive reviews, did I see the same movie? I can't imagine this appealing to anyone, die hard fans included. Maybe if I saw the accompanying films it would make more sense, but standing alone this has essentially zero set-up or structure and is presented in sometimes baffling fashion (the microphone camera is hilariously misguided). As someone who is a undying fan of live music, this is not an entertaining concert film and offers very little insight into Young's mindset or ideology.

juanchi g (nl) wrote: Slow paste chase movie... Interesting!

Ioan K (es) wrote: An abomination to cinema

Jose M (es) wrote: funny movie me and the wife love we crack up watching it

raymond s (br) wrote: I really like this movie,it's was slammin,i got that on dvd, it just like The Family Stone meets The Vicious Kind meets Rocket Science meets Nothing Like The Holidays meets Crazy on The Outside meets Birds In America.Good movie.

M H (br) wrote: This movie is greatness! If you dont get it then stay away from "cult" movies!

Dylan G (es) wrote: Call me a moron, but i laughed really hard through this movie! Critics just can't appreciate something funny! I f you love stupid humor like me, you'll adore this! A-

Parker R (ag) wrote: Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey give devoted performances as excepted, but it has a watered down sports-like plot that may only pertain to a limited audience.


Bruno D (fr) wrote: Dog Soldiers is a great movie. Its very low budget but they make great use of everything. The story itself is fairly decent and is more of something you'd see from a zombie movie but it works for this movie. The characters in the film are very well written and the performances are great and at times hilarious. The films setting is fantastic. I love the whole taking shelter and fending of waves of werewolve attacks. It fits perfect with the genre and makes for great and intense action sequences. The werewolves themselves are very impressive and huge. The people who designed them should be commended for the great work. They feel real and scary and violent like a werewolf should and best of all they are practical. Overall this film is fantastic and well worth a watch.

Tim M (jp) wrote: I was so happy to find this as a free option on my mom's cable. I saw it at the theater when it was released. I remember it being one of the most honest, well-made independent gay-themed movies until that point (along with Torch Song Trilogy). Seeing 90's NYC locations again was sweet (like street phones and WTC). Tori Spelling was the biggest name here and still is, but the other actors do well--especially the go-go boy who reveals his character at just the right pace.

J O (de) wrote: wonderful movie very entertaining and informative

Ian R (br) wrote: It has a lot of the cliches one finds in romantic comedies however the relationship between the characters of John Candy and Maureen O'Hara helps to make up for the shortcomings of the film.

Kyle W (ag) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've seen in my life

Ben M (nl) wrote: Glad tha I own a good solid copy with full artwork of the soundtrack to acompany this great animated kids classic. I watch this at least 4 times a year as it is great to have on even if just for the back ground music. I recomend to anyone who loves animation with a twist, better than bloody Surfs up thats for sure.

UN O (ca) wrote: Douglas Sirk's little seen Nazi extravaganza. Imagine: WRITTEN ON THE WIND with brown shirts!