An unemployed youth who is always looked down by his family, except for his supportive uncle. One day, in order to prove that he is capable of doing something in his life - ends up in prison.

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Prattay S (es) wrote: the story was just as good as the first one.... but except Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn and Dylan Bruce... all the other actors sucks

Damerion C (es) wrote: Mary Robert was so adorable

Timothy S (jp) wrote: It's interesting watching "The Legend of Boggy Creek" now for the first time since these type of "found footage" horror films are all the rage right now, but there's little other reasons to see it. This really is a predecessor to films such as "The Blair Witch Project," and it's not without a certain nostalgic appeal, but for the most part this is just a silly and dull picture with some of the worst production values you're likely to see make the jump to DVD.It takes you back to the days of drive-in theaters, and it's probably a film I would have loved as a kid back then. There are admittedly a few creepy moments here that work despite the fact that this is so poorly made, but unfortunately too much of this is mind-numbing time filler. The poor lighting works both for and against the film, as it helps enhance the creepy moments that do shine through but are maddeningly frustrating the rest of the time. The final half hour of the film perks up considerably, however, when we finally get a lot of the one-on-one creature action that we've been craving, and it raised my opinion of the picture some. Because of those scenes and others like it, it's easy to see why this has become such a cult favorite, but I still cannot get over some of the painstakingly slow and pointless scenes during the first hour.Director Charles Pierce shows some skill here with such a shoestring budget, and despite my reservations early on I eventually found something of an affinity towards "The Legend of Boggy Creek." I can't recommend it either way, but it is rare when a film comes back from the brink as much as this one does.

Greg G (de) wrote: I'm giving this a four star on the premise that this was the most significant sci-fi movie between 2001 and Star Wars. And unlike most science fiction movies this movie not only inspired Star Wars (rather than the other way around) but the ships were reused again six years later in Battlestar Galactica and the reboot of BSG, Also had an environmental message way ahead of it's time. That is the rating. A lot time classic of science fiction doing what science fiction does best, warn us of a possible future.And now for Silent Running fans, some thoughts....(Possible spoilers ahead).1) I am sooooo glad they did not go with the original script and have them deliver the dome with plants to aliens.2) So they saw the Valley Forge (and could see with detail) six hours when they found the runaway ship. Sooo... what's to keep them from finding a dome, drifting in space, not too far from where Valley Forge used to be? If destroying the domes was the mandate they might have come across the last dome, and blew that up as well. Ok, a pessamistic how it should have ended.2) a more positive "how it should have ended" they decide to scrap the whole idea of preserving the domes with plants in space (why so far out as Saturn? Traffic really that busy between Mercury and Jupiter in the next century?) Unless overcrowding is a problem, those domes had to be worth million of dollars a piece. So they bring them back, auction off the domes, and someone buys the domes for scrap, OR, someone buys the domes, makes a neat house/museum complete with rare plants and animals.Anyway, if they put these domes on the moon, or Mars, or some other moon, (a fully enclosed habitat/ecosystem) well, we wouldn't had the extreme, plot creating system to drive our space-Druid/hippie nuts and steal a ship to save the plants.Just saying realistically there were other obvious solutions to the problem if we were in that situation aside from just blowing up/nuking millions and millions of dollars worth of hardware.Other than that, love the whole realistic feel of the movie, and of course, the droids. Everyone loves the droids.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: Fantastic Russian war film from Grigori Chukhraj, surprisingly has not one piece of propaganda in it. The story is about a young war hero that gets a six day pass to see his mother but instead meets some young girl and they embark across Russia. Very well made the film has that aura of greatness in every aspect but espically the cinematography.

Ryan V (br) wrote: As the title implies, Son of Frankenstein focuses on the scion (Basil Rathbone) of the original mad scientist. The plot kicks into gear when a disturbed shepherd (Bela Lugosi) convinces Frankenstein to revive the original monster. The results are predictable, and that's reflective on the diminishing returns this movie brings to the screen. As the final appearance of Boris Karloff in his part as the monster, Son of Frankenstein represents an adequate coda for the actor's most famous role. However, its ability to entertain the viewer depends entirely upon the level of fandom they have for the Universal Monster series.