Mandrill (M. Zaror) is a high-level assassin whose parents many years ago were slaughtered in cold blood by a ruthless drug lord. Now he finds himself finally in a position to get his revenge. But since it falls in love precisely in the pretty daughter of the ruthless killer. Mandrill now faces the most serious decision of his life ...

Antonio's parents were murdered when he was a child. As an adult, he is transformed into a relentless bounty hunter, code-named "Mandrill," with the sole aim of finding the murderer and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg M (us) wrote: What a wonderfully directed film. This was a superior history of London. You might even experience some things that you weren't aware of.

Yuko M (jp) wrote: the shaking handy camera work made me dizzy, though it worked well in the film.

Tutti D (ca) wrote: Functions well as an intense suspense movie overall but a couple things about the ending really bugged me. Message wise, it's OK as a comment on mass media and post 9/11 fear and that but fails big time in the whole 'who's the real terrorist?' discussion. Krause does an awesome job.

EJ E (kr) wrote: just cute, nothing special...if you have nothing to do,then this could be a good film to watch on was just okay....

Per Gunnar J (es) wrote: If you don't set your expectations any higher than for a fairly traditional B-horror flick, then you'll find it reasonably okay.

Hugo V (nl) wrote: -A Perfect Day is een 2015 Spaanse comedy-drama film geschreven en geregisseerd door Fernando Len de Aranoa. Het is gebaseerd op de roman "Dejarse Llover" door Paula Farias. Het werd gescreend in het Directors Fortnight sectie aan het 2015 Cannes Film Festival en is de director's engelstalige debuut.--Plot: -Ervaren hulpverleners Mambr (Benicio Del Toro), B (Tim Robbins) en nieuwkomer Sophie (Mlanie Thierry), begeleid door hun tolk Damir (Fedja tukan), proberen een lijk op te halen van een bron ergens in voormalig Joegoslavi aan het eind van de Joegoslavische oorlogen.-Hun eerste poging mislukt omdat hun touw scheurt, zodat ze op zoek gaat naar een ander touw, dat blijkt moeilijker te zijn dan verwacht. Ze zijn verbonden in hun poging door Mambr's voormalige liefde Katya (Olga Kurylenko) en een jonge lokale boy genaamd Nikola.--Ontvangst: -Op Rotten Tomatoes, de film heeft een 70% goedkeuringsscore, een gemiddelde beoordeling van 6.5/10, gebaseerd op 23 beoordelingen. De consensus luidt: "Hulpverleners komen tot hun recht in A Perfect Day, dat is gewoon anders en goed genoeg gehandeld te overwinnen haar logge tempo en narratieve clichs". Op Metacritic, de film heeft een score van 59 uit 100 bemonsterd, 15 critici, met vermelding "Gemengde of gemiddelde beoordelingen".--Cast: Benicio del Toro as Mambr Tim Robbins as B Olga Kurylenko as Katya Mlanie Thierry as Sophie Fedja tukan as Damir

Martin A (it) wrote: A brilliant swing 'n' a miss -- most of it 5 stars, but with a 2 star ending that reduced it to 4. The problem being that, while writer/director Tim Blake Nelson and his incredible cast have crafted a series of fascinating vignettes that all effectively say "life sucks!" in their own different way (tell us about it!), they don't ultimately interconnect well and strongly enough to create a coherent whole, as I found 'Crash' to be -- a far more successful 'jigsaw puzzle' movie, despite everyone's best efforts in this valiant attempt. So you're waiting...... waiting.... waiting for all the threads to get cleverly pulled together, and suddenly the movie ends, causing you to go (or at least I did) : "WTF?!". What a shame.