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Mangala torrent reviews

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Nobody can say the story in this film isn't original because it's that ridiculous it's hard not to love it, It picks up straight away from Afterlife but for some reason Claire and Chris Redfield disappear without a mention (They like leaving us in the dark about things like this) But we have a returning Jill Valentine who is now under the control of Umbrella, She looks and even dresses like Jill in Resident Evil 5 the game, We get introduced to Leon who is played by Johann Urb who can't act one bit, Ada Wong and Barry Burton are also finally given the live screen treatment but are underused, We also get to see the Las Plagas zombies who were pretty cool, The action was great maybe a little over the top, The effects were good most of the time and the 3D was pretty good too, Probably one of my favourite Resident Evil films nut it's also one of the silliest but you got to say the final scene in this movie looks like we are set for an epic Finale.

Stephen S (ag) wrote: CHOP MY MOTHERFUCKIN' HEAD OFF!70 year old Steve is also in this movie.Surprisingly very little nudity for a movie about a porn shoot.

Carrie R (nl) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised. I thought this was funny and beautifully filmed. I guess the Polish Brothers aren't for everybody.

David S (fr) wrote: A movie so overly stylized and unabashedly pretentious that it is tedious from beginning to end. The film is all style and no substance. There is no plot or characters to care about - instead it simply drags on for 88 minutes (which seem to be like 3 hours). I almost feel bad hating it as you can tell the director was trying so hard to be profound, but sadly he missed the mark completely.

Calvin R (mx) wrote: One Missed Call a unnecessary remake. One of the weakest remake. Horrible execution on the plot, cheap scare scenes, horrible performance. This remake is very boring.

Synthia J (gb) wrote: Torn... between fate and bitter love.

Onie S (kr) wrote: In this movie, kids destroy themselves with alcohol, drugs and unprotected sex. I'd like to smash each and every one of them in the head with a frying pan. You'll come to the conclusion that if these characters in anyway represent a small portion of what kids are doing these days, humanity is doomed. 3 stars.

Ciolacu G (fr) wrote: "Fitzcarraldo went into a region of supernatural wonder, far from the world of common day. He encountersfabulous forces - his own passion, the otherwordly spirituality of the indigenous people who help him inhis mad undertaking for inscrutable reasons of their own. He wins a decisive battle: he moves a ship over a mountain. He returns to the world with the knowledge that the undoable was done. On the quest for theHoly Grail, the journey sometimes leads to other gifts. Fitzcarraldo's journey started out as a quest for thegrail of an opera house, but the gift that he brought back was the knowledge that seeminglyinsurmountable obstacles were overcome. That is why he can smile and smoke his cigar."

Sydney C (jp) wrote: One of the best films, I've ever watched. Amazing director and cast.

Dan L (kr) wrote: Career making performance by Michael B. Jordan. A heartbreaking and eye opening film.

Ellen G (mx) wrote: Jo, den holdt ml den.