Malick Bhai (Mammootty) is a fish auctioneer, who is a familiar face in Cochin harbour. Boss (Tini Tom) is his right hand. A foreigner girl Michelle (Caroline Bech) enters his life. She comes to India with some motives and Malick Bhai decides to help her.

A fish auctioner's life changes after meeting a mysterious Jewish girl and his struggle to communicate with her in English. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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alex f (es) wrote: could of been great, but it just managed to do the bare minimum. loved the warren character and looked forward to seeing them progress... never happened, did a time jump and left you with nothing.

Enrique O (kr) wrote: Literalmente una cinta hermossima y actractivamente conmovedora.Lstima que no puedo darle ms estrellas. Uno de los mejores trabajos animados en el cine en general.

danela h (ru) wrote: I thought I was bad, and addicted to films, but nope-not even close! These guys wouldn?t even call me a film lover-cus most of them don?t even like VHS (at home viewing). 2 outta 5

Anthony E (ru) wrote: An amusing story about Minor League Baseball. But without the characters that made the series famous in the first place (no mention of what happened to Charlie Sheen or Tom Bergener's characters). The series tried to start new with a fresh cast, featuring only Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haysbert and Steve Yeager from the original film, along with Eric Bruskotter and Takaaki Ishibashi reprising their roles from Major League II. Back to the Minors is ground out. Just not a good movie.

William E (it) wrote: It was okay. Nick Nolte would not have been my first choice for Jefferson, but he did surprisingly well. This movie focused more on Jefferson's personal life than on the politics of time.

Sean T (es) wrote: Many viewers enjoy the offbeat editing and exceptionally thin storytelling, but for me, Blade Runner was an overrated mess.

Julia A (ag) wrote: In a word - terrible. The setting was bleak, the script was bleak, the cinematography was bleak, the plot was bleak, the budget was low (not that all low budget movies are bad, but this one had no redeeming features). The plot was more consumed with a vengeful, slightly deranged hunter than movie's namesake "Wendigo" which made a very brief disappointing appearance toward the end of the movie. Everything about the movie was uninspiring - it was a real effort to watch. The parents of the little boy appeared to be rather aloof and at times seemed completely detached from their son. Whether this was down to bad acting or a bad script I'm not sure, but it only heightened my disappointment and boredom levels. There was no food for thought, nothing to pique an interest. With no real intrigue or chill factor, this movie creaked along so painfully, you just couldn't care less what happened by the end. I don't think I could waste my time ever watching this again.

Kerby H (br) wrote: For a musical, it's not that bad.

Ernie S (br) wrote: We will never again see another great comedy like this again. All the mumbo, jumbo special effects and all these days, plus comics aren't funny unless they use a lot of foul talk. These people were genuine. They can never be replaced. MMMMW is a classic and will always be a classic.