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Mike C (ru) wrote: Mel Gibson brings together an ensemble cast to share an inspirational story of courage and strength of conviction.

Harpreet R (jp) wrote: I liked this movie due to its video editing. A good effort but the story was mismatch

Jim L (ca) wrote: A breath-taking look into Hasidic Jewish life not often seen by the outside world that is wonderfully photographed and directed. This little gem shines in its heart-tugging dialogue!

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: 86%"I've been breeding noneco intrusive goats for the bio spirt, plus, rescue goats that are trained to sniff survivers out of the rubble in a desaster, um, desaster goats."-Goat Man (David Duchovny)I'd take a trek with Duchovny any goat stinking day. Felt I have some things in common with this one.

Kenneth W (es) wrote: It's a remake of District B-13.

Hilrie K (gb) wrote: Although I am not religious, i can appreciate this dark tale of a man who has a gift to heal others who mistakenly thinks it can be prostituted out for the almighty dollar without consequence...

Lee A (au) wrote: This film was an absolute suprise to me. Having not reading any reviews or write ups on it, I went into the film with little to no expectations. The intro starts, to which lasts far far too long, and was done very crudey, like you would see on scifi channel. The film started, and after 10mins I was hooked. The film was entertaining throughout, actually some convincing cast members and while the plot and location itself was a bit questionable. It worked, worked really really well. Glad I watched it.

Tom K (au) wrote: A pointless mob film that is visually done well with some decent gun fights, but has uninteresting characters and too much going on. Sananjit Bangsapan definitely knows what looks good on film, but really needs work on storytelling.

Lisa S (mx) wrote: this movie was so bad i was so upset i wasted $3.75 cents to rent this bummer!!!!!!!!!!!

Graham M (es) wrote: Has some moments of horror genre satire but the film's set-up overshadows the (surprisingly short) actual film.

Huw G (us) wrote: Tense at times, but not always believable.

Kevin C (ca) wrote: There are some moments, like the scene with the Weatherman, that are incredibly moving. The doc is amazing in itself and really interesting, even as someone who doesn't really have any interest in cars or racing. The shots from the helicopter are beautiful enough to sustain interest.

common p (fr) wrote: I like very much the actor Robert Powell interpretation in this movie.

The M (ag) wrote: It's always fun to see Rik Mayall play a real asshole.This is something you enjoy on a hung-over sunday.

Jennifer D (de) wrote: A silly little dark comedy with Judd Nelson (Marty Malt) and Bill Paxton (Gus). Oh, and Wayne Newton. Everything about this movie rules. From Marty's big suit, to Gus's accordian, to Gus licking the corpse of a dead woman he finds at the city dump, to the so brilliantly baaaad jokes that Marty Malt comes up with. Like sooo horribly bad that it takes a superb genius to write them. It looks dark and moody and the third arm brings it all together. If you like twisted dark comedies you'll love DARK BACKWARD. My favorite Bill Paxton role ever! Seriously.

Chris W (de) wrote: "I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up mother fuckers is my game!" It's memorable lines such as this that I could use as evidence to support the argument that this is probably what it would have looked like had Edward D. Wood, Jr. directed a blaxploitation film. In fact, that's a great way to look at this. It's so awful and ridiculous (even for a blaxploitation film), that, like Wood's films, there is a strange and compelling genius to their high level of ineptitude. Even if this is a bad film as far as bad films go, it gets not only a pass from me, but high praise because it is ridiculously entertaining, hilarious, and the polar opposite of boring. I swear that some of this had to have been intentional, because it could sure play as a satire, especially given that this came out during the last year of the 'hey day' of these types of films. What I appreciate about this is the ambiguity. That I cannot tell if this film is sincere or just satirical (but playing it straight) is awesome, and makes me like it even more. In fact, a good comparison to make would be to Black Dynamite-that was a spoof, but was done so well it became a legit entry into the genre. The acting is poor, the stroy and characters are flimsier than wet cardboard, and there's continuity errors galore- but that's all part of the fun and charm. Moore is inconsistent with his performance, but does show some energy and charisma from time to time, especially in the "toast" scenes- two parts of the film that are actually pretty solid. There actually is some subtext, but most people who watch this are probably just gonna look over it, which is unfortunate. Some may think I'm giving this film more attention than it probably deserves, but that's unfair. That I am able to ramble on about this is a testament to the fact that this film has plenty of redeeming qualities. But, as always, perspective is everything. However, if you like ridiculousness, camp, and blaxploitation, you'll probably get a kick out of this. This is especially true if you think that these films are worth scholarly attention, or at least intellectual conversation.

linda B (mx) wrote: Lover of Dirk, excellent music , biographicals & period dramas

Max E (kr) wrote: Lovely tristess. Merci sagan