Manhattan Melodrama

Manhattan Melodrama

The friendship between two orphans endures even though they grow up on opposite sides of the law and fall in love with the same woman.

The friendship between two orphans endures even though they grow up on opposite sides of the law and fall in love with the same woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cristbal S (gb) wrote: A nice premise and a great cast completely messed up in a boring clich film.

Sean Michael S (au) wrote: Films this bad don't deserve to be called films.

John W (fr) wrote: House of Fears is a haunted-house-gone-wrong-your-fears-are-made-real horror flick. Nothing really new, but not a bad movie. The cast, while totally typecast and cliched, does an okay job and there are a couple of good 'made you jump' moments.

Jennifer L (ag) wrote: Very stylish movie centred around the drug gangs of Rustov-on-Don, Russia - however, it could be set in just about any mid to large-sized city as its themes & plot lines are universal. Flashy, yet fairly realistic.

Eddie G (nl) wrote: slow and boring, story is good but not done by my taste :)

Jen M (us) wrote: Just as good as original! Ages 7+

Phillip B (us) wrote: not a bad movie at all i really want to buy it after going crazy watching clips on youtube. a very different movie that was good funny and sexy. nice little twist. pretty good acting, original. i loved the shower scene. beautiful girls like marieh delfino and rebecca mozo were hot. i would not mind being an zerophiliac if it was like in the movie. makes me wonder what i would look like if i was a girl.

Daniel20 S (au) wrote: My 'low key' favorite film of all time. low budget, powerful, concise, amazing soundtrack and characters. The perfect indie movie.

Ben D (nl) wrote: An average thriller, over the top and violent, it lacks the impact of other female-centred crime thrillers to which it clearly wants to be (notably Thelma and Louise). There isn't much to enjoy here.

David B (us) wrote: Sweet little comedy (based on a remarkable true story) done in the typical low-budget British underdog/feelgood style (think 'Full Monty', 'Brassed Off' etc.) but without getting over-sentimental; has its questionable moments/acting though and never really sucks you in completely

Nathan B (ca) wrote: such a great movie, another one of those lesbian movies that are realistic. loved it.

mitalee c (fr) wrote: aamir khan looks good in any role,even as a IPS

Private U (fr) wrote: yes sir! halle berry

Eddie W (ag) wrote: My Neighbor Totoro touches the heart and piques the imagination. That's what makes it one of the best family films of all-time.

Phil C (ru) wrote: A fantastic movie. People living their lives in 1943. The family is very funny and very real. I enjoyed the radio personalities the best. And kinda wished for a little more in depth exploration into their lives. I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan. But this is one of his better works.

Danny R (ru) wrote: Lewis Gilbert's thrilling highly entertaining fifth entry for Sir Sean Connery, who delivers a commanding performance as superspy James Bond. Gilbert fashions a thoroughly enjoyable slice of escapism brimming over with witty dialogue and amazing action sequences. "You Only Live Twice" takes place entirely in Japan, this time the criminal organization SPECTRE is backed by Red China, where from a Japanese island they send a mysterious specially designed intruder rocket to hijack American and Russian spacecraft by swallowing them up and bring them back to a secret volcano rocket base in the sea of Japan pushing both superpowers to the brink of World War III. Bond is sent to Japan to discover who is behind the hijackings in space and stop them, Bond's ally in Japan is Tiger Tanaka wonderfully played by Tetsuro Tamba, the youthful head of the Japanese Secret Service, he and Bond forged a strong working relationship. For the very first time we see number one the evil head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Biofeld superbly played by the late legendary character actor Donald Pleasence, he takes the movie to a higher level with his portrayal of this vicious psychotic megalomaniac. The climactic assault of the volcano base by Bond and Tanaka's Ninja army is one the most spectacular action sequences in the history of the cinema. Ken Adam deserves to be showered with accolades for his magnificent set designs, the pinnacle being the gigantic volcano rocket base which is breathtaking, Freddie Young's extraordinary cinematography, John Barry's beautiful score, a great title song sung by Nancy Sinatra, with Maurice Binder's wonderful main title design all add up to a fantastic fast-pace pull-out-all-stops action filled Bond adventure. Highly Recommended.

JamesMasaki R (nl) wrote: Mizoguchi's final film was made right before prostitution was to be banned in Japan, and the story focuses on a group of female prostitutes in the red light district, afraid of what might happen to them and their livelihood in the near future. Mizoguchi was always a fine craftsman of the artform, and was always great at showcasing female emotions to the core, and "Akasen Chitai" was no different. It's not as heartbreaking as say, "Sansho Dayu" or "Osaka Elegy", but an excellent film to bow out with. Tuberculosis would claim the director's life just after the release.

Bill R (mx) wrote: I'm up in arms about this, on one side it's a good horror story that has a good telling of back stories and on the other is an unbelievable feel of coincidences that are almost too much for this. given it been more grind house style I would of liked it better then I did. there are moments that are more surprising then I thought they'd be and I'm still a bit thrown by the ending. I suppose that's a good thing since it could be interpreted many ways by different people.

Laura H (ag) wrote: Just couldn't get into it :( and I was so hoping it would be SO much more!

THE I (br) wrote: How is it even possible that these guys could make a less than Hilarious Movie.....NEVER!