Mani di fata

Mani di fata

Andrea, a forty-year old engineer, suddenly becomes unemployed while his wife France gets a promotion. He is very down hearted and since he does not want to be a burden to his family he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester E (it) wrote: The reason it has this high of a rating is because of the nice and much better fight scenes than the first one had. The story was so-so and of course so was the acting. However it was entertaining and had very good choreography. Kane Kosugi, Scott Adkins and Tim Man are beasts in the martial arts world.

Karimah S (it) wrote: I love it a great film about friendship and love.

Sara S (de) wrote: have you ever wanted to watch stephen baldwin pretend to be someone else in stephen baldwin's body? then this movie is for you. the weird thing is, everyone else did a pretty good job. kim coates and stephen baldwin trade bodies and kim coates is a better actor, so their scenes together are a form of viewer torture. the story isn't bad, but listening to stephen baldwin talk is an exercise in not kicking someone in the crotch.

Joey F (gb) wrote: Kubrick... how are you this good at movie making? How do you think so differently about this art form than everyone else? This film is not for everyone, but it is objectively a masterpiece.

Sarah C (gb) wrote: I thought this movie was really good. I think movies like these depend on what a person's taste is; I tend to like movies like this and Paranormal Activity, where it's about exorcisms and demons. The one thing I don't like is how Anthony Hopkins suddenly changed character personality. The second I saw him crying I started to question whether the rest of the movie would be good, but in my opinion, I think overall it was a great movie.

Devon B (kr) wrote: A little bit better than the previous "The Thin Man Goes Home", "The Song of the Thin Man" centers around a group of jive-talking, hepcat jazz musicians (and thankfully, this time there's less of the dog). The focus is more on the storyline than the last movie, and with less of a focus on comedy, but it's still awfully convoluted. An alcoholic musician is given the sack by the bandleader who turns up dead shortly thereafter. Said bandleader also had a heavy gambling debt and believed his life was in danger from the loan sharks. Nick and Nora are brought in to solve the case, and the usual tom-foolery ensues. While the film has its share of decent gags (personally, I found the swing band very amusing), it's still along way distant from the original film.

Arslan K (nl) wrote: Beautifully shot, good scenery, great acting, awesome setting. Michael fassbender and viggo mortensen were the highlight of this and carried this film on their shoulder by talking and talking and talking and talking and ohhh yeah talking. Kierra Knightley I think tired but her face and accent annoyed me. And yes they HAVE to smoke to show how smart British cool doctors talk.