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Mannenharten torrent reviews

Carlos C (ca) wrote: es esta Lety la que estoy viendo

Burn P (jp) wrote: How long does love last?

Bill R (ag) wrote: This was pretty good. Not what I was expecting but good. Alittle strange near the end, was just surprised I guess.....

Carlee L (mx) wrote: Such a great and inspiring movie! Excellent casting! Great sets! Excellent directing, almost as if you can feel the blows yourself!

Simon D (es) wrote: Normally, if a film is Belgian, original, and twisted, then I'd bet it's my type of film however, for some reason, this didn't really do it for me. I found it a bit boring in a lot of places, repetitive, lacking in a decent storyline, and some of the camerawork gave me a headache.

Fiona R (br) wrote: Loved this when I saw it in the early 90s, not so sure what I'd think now though.

Mark P (kr) wrote: just look at the cover and u wanna watch it

Phil H (au) wrote: Pretty lame film with a sterling cast of legends most of which are sadly no longer with us, you could look at this as another 'Monty Python' type film along side others like 'Jabberwocky' and 'Time Bandits' but alas this film doesn't have much of the laughs and visual flair that those films do. The plot is your basic Treasure Island type thing but just totally crazy and loony hehe most of the jokes are prat falls and childish along with allot of sexual japes, again which are kinda dumb and childish.Unfortunately this was the last proper film for 'Python' Graham Chapman and also the last film for British comedian Marty Feldman, its a shame that the film is known for those two sad reasons and not much else, only for total fans really as there isn't much to recommend in this silly film, even the stellar cast can't save it.

johnny k (gb) wrote: [font=Times New Roman]I wasn't aquinted to the movies Fritz Lang made in his 20 years Hollywood exile until I saw While the City Sleeps but even if this is no Metropolis or M it's one of the greatest noir films I ever saw. This is so because the movie is more than just a noir, it's social satyre, an accurate account of the backstage of newspaper and television business. For a crime movie which shows you the criminal in the first minute to hold it's breath up to the very end is something remarcable. This movie has all the suspense one can find in Hitchcock, all the good elements that made noir into a genre and a few hindsights anticipating Lumet's Network. [/font][font=Times New Roman]The characters, though not exceptional handle their parts very well, the episodic ones as well. [/font][font=Times New Roman]When watching this movie you must be focused especially on the situations and the general atmosphere surounding the media trust and not on the crimes, it may not be such a great movie for those who are only after exquisite detective work. [/font]

Luxo J (ca) wrote: At first, it's pretty enjoyable and funny, but later on I found it quite pretty easy to get distracted. The performances were alive the whole way through though. I don't think that this will easily be remembered and at least not remembered as an all-time great comedy.

Angela P (br) wrote: Really funny and totally entertaining.

Darrin C (gb) wrote: I thought it was fun and original. Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun really is a scary little fellow and shares some brutal death scenes all the while making funny cracks about his victims' demises.

Knux E (ag) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in a long time by these guys. Funny, very good animation, and a good commentary on government if I ever saw one.

Daniel M (nl) wrote: I am a 42 year-old former Marine, and I started tearing up at certain points while watching this movie. I am disgusted by the negative critic reviews and can only ascertain that those negative reviews came from childless adults who expected something other than a family fairy tale. That's what this is, folks. It's a fairy tale, and the actors and story are phenomenal. Any parent who loves their children would feel a deep connection to the onscreen couple and the pain they feel by not being able to share their love with a child. However, the movie has highs, lows, and is entertaining.It's humorous watching Timothy's simple ways, and at the end of the movie I gave my kids an extra hug. The movie really brings thoughtful parents back to reality. How can that be a bad thing? Oh, and my kids loved it.