Manny's Orphans

Manny's Orphans

Manny coaches soccer for the fashionable Creighton Hall school, but is relieved of duty because he is 'not a good match' for the school. He finds a job at a Catholic home for orphans, where he forms a new soccer team, with the help of one very good player Pepe who turns out to be a girl. 'Pepe' is the sister of one of the orphans, who comes to the all-boy orphanage posing as a boy, because her former foster home was an abusive environment. Along the way, Manny has incurred a gambling debt, his creditors begin to lean on him, and the boys find out. They set up a soccer game and stake the outcome against Manny's debt. If they win, the debt will be forgiven.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:coach,   school,   girl,  

Manny coaches soccer for the fashionable Creighton Hall school, but is relieved of duty because he is 'not a good match' for the school. He finds a job at a Catholic home for orphans, where... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph b (ru) wrote: great movie I think it ranks up there wit gran torino

erick h (de) wrote: Thought it was a really good movie.

Matiur R (ca) wrote: Follow the raven in the shadow..and you will find the light..i wish lenny could live at the end

Dominique N (br) wrote: actUally this is the Only jeOn ji-hyun filom that i dOesn't watched yet...

Jim C (au) wrote: One of the best worst movies.

DC F (it) wrote: Not exactly realistic when dealing with Skinheads and educated college Bros, but the acting was quite impressive and the story mostly original. However, I'm afraid that audiences didn't learn what the director was gunning for us to take away from the film. It didn't change anything.

Adam C (jp) wrote: coming of age at christmas. an excellent film.

Frank T (nl) wrote: on par for a b movie, better editing would have sped up the pace

Kevin G (br) wrote: So here we are. I was hesitant to delve back into this movie but I said I would so let's begin. Jess is an angsty little emo kid who wants to be an artist and at the same time also be the fastest kid in school. He has a father who he thinks is angry at him all the time and just doesn't 'get him.' He is bullied at school by several kids in his class and this further contributes to his angsty emo whining. Jess trains to win a impromptu race at school but surprise! A girl straight up owns him hard. Feeling more emo than before Jess is angry but soon learns that this new girl named Leslie lives right next door to him. Jess and Leslie soon become friends as Jess spends more time feeling sorry for himself because his father doesn't understand his super awesome art and his feminine side. Leslie feels bad for shovel-face Jess and decides to help him cope with his feelz by completely enabling him and inventing a fantasy world on the other side of a creek in his back yard. So if you were horribly mislead by the trailer for this movie as I was; sorry but the place they "find" that they name Terabithia is completely imaginary. So Jess and Leslie spend hours in "Terabithia" battling imaginary things that symbolize all that makes Jess sad and emo in his life. Fast-forward a bit and Jess gets invited to a museum by his music teacher (cause that makes sense). Jess asks his mother when she is half awake and assumes that she said he could go along. Jess thinks about inviting his new best friend Leslie but punks out in the end cause he's way to cool for that. Jess has a great and inspiring time with his teacher at the museum and is surprised to find his parents frantic when he gets home because they really didn't know where he was. Leslie also is dead. Yep she died in the creek trying to get across probably looking for Jess. Nice job emo. The rest of this movie honestly isn't really all that important because lets face it; no one is going to be able to get past the fact that Leslie is dead now. The crime that this movie undoubtedly did to children everywhere is no short of what George Lucas did to everyone with Episode 1: the Phantom Menace back in '99. I remember being physically angry at this point in the movie. The marketing department for Disney (yep Disney) must have all been into S&M because torturing people is exactly what this movie did. In NO WAY did the trailer for this movie prepare you for what you were going to see. Terabithia chants "Kali-ma" "KALI-MA!!!" While it rips out your feelings and stabs them right in the eyes.

Alonso A (ag) wrote: It had to come in the form of a bizarre sci-fi romantic comedy, but this is probably one of the best and most profound exploration of human relations and emotion ever made.