Gauri lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in India along with her maternal uncle, Pandey, and aunt, Parvati. Pandey is the peon for the District Forest Officer, and his wife and Gauri ...

Gauri lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in India along with her maternal uncle, Pandey, and aunt, Parvati. Pandey is the peon for the District Forest Officer, and his wife and Gauri ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Manokaamnaa torrent reviews

Graham B (kr) wrote: This documentary has a very simple premise. Take people legally endorsed to kill 2.5 million "communists", therefore sanctioned to do anything, and ask them to reminisce on their proud achievements by staging re-enactments. Mostly focuses on Anwar Congo, a famous executioner revered for killing one thousand enemies of the state. Maybe what happens when he plays the role of the victim in these re-enactments is predictable, but more powerful and shocking than you can expect.. Let's be frank, not an entertaining watch, but educational and sobering? you bet. Thanks James Root for another excellent loan.

Brent B (jp) wrote: I personally prefer this to Red Dawn, simply because it seems... I don't know. More human, I guess. The story is thrilling and doesn't focus entirely on the combat element. It adds more heart to the characters and creates a story that is easier to believe. Great movie!


Uriel H (fr) wrote: ??? ?????! ????? ????.

Juan R (de) wrote: A sweet, heartwarming story with lovable characters.

Stefan G (nl) wrote: This film is a rather interesting piece of sci-fi. It's a vampire film wherein the vampires are shape-shifting aliens who travel from planet to planet, absorbing whatever life energy they can. As ridiculous as that might sound, this film manages to handle the concept decently well, in the sense that the film's vampires really are on a different conceptual level, rather than just cheap Dracula knock-offs in spacesuits. The story itself is quite interesting, with the central narrative revolving around attraction, but it's plagued by a somewhat slow pacing, and is hampered further by a rather inconsistent tone. The beginning of the film moves slowly with not much happening, then it turns into a kind of sci-fi mystery film, then it becomes a weird kind of erotic thriller film (if the term "erotic" even applies here), before finally shifting into an awkwardly paced zombie film, but with fire and explosions all over the place. The characters don't exactly help much. They aren't bad, but, with a few exceptions, the performances seem are really stale and unconvincing. On the plus side, the film has a rather nice visual palette, though is mainly seen at the beginning and end of the film. On the whole, the film isn't terrible. In fact, amongst all the other sci-fi and horror films, this one is a rare breed. At the very least, I liked the way that it tried to mix ideas that wouldn't go well together, and that at least is more than could be said about many of the films being churned out today.

Charles P (jp) wrote: There are many ups and downs to any anthology, but in the Twilight Zone movie, I have more bad things to say about it than good.

berta a (mx) wrote: great western with Stewart and Murphy.

Michael D (jp) wrote: Only for the Cole Porter's music. and for the beauty of Grace Kelly (was she always that thin?). and for the voice of Frank Sinatra. and for Louis Armstrong.

Ryan W (br) wrote: Bad casting and bad directing caused this Batman film to be less appealing than the previous two films. While the film had potential to be good, with the humour back in the mix, this film fails overall and leaves fans wanting so much more than what was presented.