Havaldar Ratan is a rookie at the local police station, and is assigned duty on foot patrol on Manoranjan Street, a notorious red-light area, on the very first day of his job. He strikes up a conversation with a good-looking young woman named Nisha, and tells her that there is a possible violation of Suppression of Immoral Trafficking Act taking place on this street. He witnesses several women soliciting men, and decides to call in the paddy wagon, and get them arrested. Alas, one of the men frequenting the prostitutes is none other than Ratan's superior officer, who immediately summons Ratan, and has him removed from service on corruption charges. Nisha takes pity on a homeless and unemployed Ratan, and asks him to live with her. He does not want her to sell her body, and so he decides to work at night, and during the day he takes on the guise of a rich Nawab and spends time with her.

An upright beat cop, working the most notorious area of the city - the 'red light district' - desperately tries to hang on to his values in such an amoral environment. He falls for a hooker... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Traci P (us) wrote: I just could not get through this one!

Jim H (jp) wrote: A punk rocker who has very little talent becomes a cult icon.Netflix identified this film as a satire, and throughout most of the film, I tried to figure out what it was satirizing. I guess I can see it as a satire of our culture's gullible embrasure of fads, particularly fads that embrace the darker side of life: I can see bits of Kurt Cobain and the goth/punk movements in Corinne Burns and her followers. But if that was the film's subject, then I think there should have been greater attention paid to the fans and their foolish motivations for remaking themselves in Corinne's image. As it is, the film stays on Corinne and her relationship with Billy and the trials of stardom. But she strikes me as a thoroughly uninteresting character, most of the time acting like a petulant child and a hypocrite, claiming she doesn't "put out" but hopping into bed with Billy despite the lack of chemistry or feeling between them. If she's so willing to sleep her way to stardom, then how can she try to pass herself off as a feminist figure. Diane Lane's performance is solid; the mistake is in the character's construction by the writer and director.Overall, this is an uninspired film, and the focus of whatever satire is there wanders and is imprecise.

Gavin S (es) wrote: Meh. Overrated. Bill Murray is ok, but most of it is boring. Look for a very young Matt Craven (K2, High Incident).

Andy P (ru) wrote: Emotionally honest but avoiding sentimentality, Bergman's warm, humanist drama charts the spiritual odyssey of an emotionally arid old man recollecting his youth while inspiring luminous reflection on life. Simply put, it's one of the most universally reaching dramas ever put to celluloid.

Claudia G (es) wrote: that clown scary me soooo much

mike d (ru) wrote: Was surprised here....did really like it / had fun.....some funny stuff in it....and loved Mandy Patinkin's character.