Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin

Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin


Strange hybrid of standard '70s chop-socky and cheap monster movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin torrent reviews

John M (gb) wrote: Bahaha 'pedestrian' must been relate-able, because this very much is. A delight.

Bryan C (ca) wrote: I saw this at Troma Thursday at the Alamo. It was free and I still felt supremely ripped off. Half the theater left before it was over. Avoid like the plague.

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: I thought it was a good movie. I loved the scenerey in Ireland and the brief bit of irish dancing.

Wendy J (us) wrote: Cute and funny movie.

Joseph S (nl) wrote: If your scraping the bottom of a barrel for more Carl Weathers films, then look no further. I got this gem in a walmart bargain bin for $5.

Filip C (br) wrote: Summary Review: Deep at its core, the Dogs of War isn't a horrible experience. However, there is one fatal flaw, that drags it down. In the 1st act of the film, Jamie Shannon (Walken) is hired by a business tycoon to assess the political situation in an African country. His job is to determine whenever the local dictator can be overthrown. He learns, that the despotic ruler hides in the garrison and decides to sneak his way in after dark. When he approaches the barracks, one of the guards ambushes him. They struggle for a while, soon Shannon manages to disarm his foe and subdue him. We then cut to our protagonist sleeping in a comfy bed in his hotel room. The next angle reviles the enemy soldiers surrounding the bed. Their commander gives them an order. We then cut to a prison complex. This situation begs the question. What happened to the rest of the camp scene explaining, how did Shannon wind up in his bed? Did Shannon learn anything at the camp? Was he even able to get inside? What made him go back to the hotel? Last time we saw him, he got his way out of trouble and there was no indication of anybody else spotting him. The editors did a poor job on this film, fortunately this is the only instance, where it creates a plot hole. Camerawork showcases the true lack of experience. Most scenes are shot without much though and could use some effective angles. However there is a bright side. Story telling is decent, although pacing is uneven. Shannon's reunification with his ex-wife adds to the character's struggles, but slows the story down for no payoff. The second act feels like reading a novel. To the film's credit, it fostered storytelling far better than 1968 Italian Job. It takes its time to show us all the preperations Shannon makes.The only setback is the pace again, a few of those dialog scenes could have been left out of the final cut. The climax is your average shooting gallery, with not much to get excited about. Despite this, the very last scene at the president's office is something to look forward to. The main character is the movie's redeeming quality. Shannon is haunted by unpleasant memories of past assignments and a wrecked marriage. A trip to Africa morphs the egotistical Jamie into a man willing to put his life at stakes once again. Walken's performance is believable, especially in the few scenes with JoBeth Williams. However the script drops the ball on the rest of the characters, they seem to be coming and going without proper introduction. They exist on screen as wallflowers, while Christopher Walken gets all the attention. His performance is the only memorable one. Overall, The Dogs of War is an ok movie, but it never works outside its own box. Making it as ordinary as it gets. Verdict: Skip it.

Talyn M (br) wrote: A very inoffensive religious film that walks a fine line between preaching its specific faith and offering a universal interpretation to the mysterious force that the majority of the world believes to exist beyond our reach.

John W (fr) wrote: The third of MGM's series of Miss Marple movies is actually based on an Hercule Poirot novel. The film follows Agatha Christie's spinster sleuth as she invades an acting troupe to investigate a murder. Like all of the films in the series, this one thrives on humour. The comic highlight is Miss Marple reciting 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew', one of actress Margaret Rutherford's favourite pieces.

Katy M (jp) wrote: I remember crying during this movie...

Kai T (us) wrote: This is one of those movies that has adventures, peril, and laughs. And I like those type movies, that includes Finding Nemo

Lee M (kr) wrote: Hollywood wouldn't have touched this subject matter with a three-foot barge pole and for this alone the movie should be commended. That it also happens to be a very funny and well-made movie is a bonus.