Animated Argentine film about a young girl turtle who gets lost on a balloon trip.

Animated Argentine film about a young girl turtle who gets lost on a balloon trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica L (jp) wrote: I had a huge misconception in thinking the movie was just a remake of Wizard of Oz. It turned out to be a prequel about Oz which was a good twist. I had a bad experience watching those modern fairy tale remakes. It'll be so cool if Alice in Wonderland and Oz is in the same realm...everything is all colorful and weird...oh wait they are produced by the same people....

Eliabeth M (gb) wrote: Ahmad: A bitter ending is better than an endless bitterness.Asghar Farhadi es un director que toma premisas convencionales, y logra entregar relatos llenos de suspenso y decisiones difciles. En About Elly, un grupo de amigos deciden alquilar una casa en la playa. Sepideh es la encargada del viaje, y decide invitar a Elly, la profesora de uno de sus hijos. Su intencin es emparejarla con Ahmad, uno de sus amigos quien se acaba de divorciar. La situacin es torna incmoda ya que es evidente sus intenciones desde el principio. Elly es una mujer misteriosa, y no estamos claros de quien es, o que esconde. Durante el segundo da del viaje, Elly desaparece. Lo que sucede luego, afectar no slo el viaje, sino la dinmica del grupo drsticamente.About Elly es una pelcula que te mantiene al borde del asiento. Es inevitable ponerse en los zapatos de los personajes, ya que es fcil sentirse identificados con ellos, y con las decisiones que toman. La trama no es para nada predecible, y constantemente nos sorprende con nuevos giros dentro de la historia. Asghar Farhadi tiene una facilidad increble para lograr que el pblico se sumerja en la historia. No es comn ver personajes como este grupo de amigos en el cine. Normalmente jvenes musulmanes son vistos de manera negativa, y ac son como personas normales y convencionales. Se divierten y se comportan como cualquiera. Siento que es importante presentar este tipo de personajes para dejar atrs los estereotipos.Las actuaciones son increblemente realistas. Se siente como si furamos testigos de las vidas de estas personajes y como si realmente existieran. Las actuaciones de todos son magistrales y aportan a el realismo de esta pelcula. About Elly es una obra casi perfecta. El final no me dej totalmente convencida, y la inclusin de su "prometido" fue un poco abrupto, pero tambin le aade esa cara de el machismo dentro de la sociedad musulmana.

Ali B (gb) wrote: This movie has NOTHING, at all, to do with the Baseline Killer!!! One, the Baseline Killer/Rapist is African American. Two, he NEVER killed more than two people, at ANY of his crime scenes. Three, this movie is unridiculously horrible, and should NEVER have been released! If you are going to base a movie on a "serial killer", make sure you have more in common with the real events, than simply killing, and a title. I'd give negative stars, if were possible!

Rod G (it) wrote: sta no es otra tpica pelcula de artes marciales de Jackie Chan pero sin duda es uno de sus mejores trabajos. "The Shinjuku Incident" nos muestra la oscura transformacin de sus inocentes personajes en pandilleros sanguinarios con una trama llena de gore y violencia tan impactantes que es inevitable caer en su fuerza destructiva.

Jerome G (au) wrote: pretty well done film. uneasy sexual tension that carried through the whole film, very nice visuals, great performances from the 3 girls

Jimmy S (mx) wrote: Absolutely spell-binding. This movie is a very deep and personal look into the life of Kurt Cobain combined with mesmerizing images of his past and the best soundtrack anyone could ever ask for. I highly suggest it.

John C (es) wrote: a unique and entertaining little crime film. About an ex south african police officer who decides to rob banks.

Ms Amanda J (ca) wrote: Tries to be different and it's a good effort. The leads are enjoyable.

Eric P (ru) wrote: A much better film to honor Christopher Lee to say the least.

James D (jp) wrote: Not sure why but I like this movie...must have a soft spot for it. I watch it every time it is on.

Keaton E (ag) wrote: Stargate is a solid B-movie though it could have been better.

Gregory M (fr) wrote: Quite fun and joyful, one of the best movies to watch during the holiday season. Culkin's charm is undeniable. If you remove the iconic and quite interesting moments from the movie, with all the traps and stuff, nothing important stays in the core as a message. Still its charm is undeniable while it's pretty close to the first movie.

Robin D (br) wrote: Asterix and Obelix embark on a 'stealth' mission to deliver a barrel of magic potion to Britain to help them against the invading Romans who find out about the plan and try to destroy the potion at all costs.

Jake C (nl) wrote: Ridley Scott dazzles with the best piece of science-fiction ever mastered on screen in a dystopian setting, but also producing the best cult classic of all time with great performances from Harrison Ford, Sean Young and Rutger Hauer.

mehran n (kr) wrote: in filmo kheili doost daram chon kheili ba shakhsiate avvale film ehsae nazdiki mikonam ta jaiee ke to baazi saneh ha khodamo mibinam

Brandon M (de) wrote: boring, dry, same thing over and over again

Simon D (ca) wrote: Goldie Hawn is great. This true story is a little bit lame and monotonous though. The comedy element was surely injected to make it a little more consumer friendly but it didn't really work.

Damarys R (it) wrote: La recomiendo 100% totalmente veridica!!