Mar nero

Mar nero

It depicts the relationship between an elderly woman and her caregiver.

It depicts the relationship between an elderly woman and her caregiver. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (fr) wrote: Somehow, it's not as funny as it should be. Perhaps if it had less of a plot, and more riffing, it might've worked better. The best scenes are those towards the front, where at least there are comedic surprises during the setup process. Still, it's entertaining enough. The homophobic jokes are a little too much, though.

Michael P (kr) wrote: Was good to see Kimbo Slice, Forrest Griffen and Rashad Evans have minor, but still prominent roles - whist clearly not professional actors, was still entertaining.

Jason V (au) wrote: Soooo badly played!What a great conviction in the interpretations of some of the "actors" they must have chosen in some fucking crapy reality shows...Of course, the true ones (Dourif and Van Dien) are the exceptions, but they cannot save it of the wreck, as the script is empty of suspense, originality, stake...In brief, the archetype of the TV movie.

Chris I (mx) wrote: no redeeming qualities. whats with the titty cube screen wipes?

Lee H (gb) wrote: I liked this movie. Great performance by JT. To appreciate this movie you must appreciate the true and tragic story behind it. Well worth watching.

bill s (ru) wrote: There are enough funny moments in this flick to watch.....better than critics think.

Jenn T (nl) wrote: This was a great flick, well acted, good dialogue, excellent plot line.

James F (es) wrote: If you don't like this movie, you MUST be nuts. This one of my all time favorite movies. You should be eaten by a Wookalar.

Paul D (it) wrote: The story is certainly weaker than the cinematography, but the latter is a wonderful example of film-noir through a solid director.

Grayson D (de) wrote: This was Renoir's favourite amongst his own films and he made many very good ones but it's not hard to see why. It's been remade a few times since 1932, again in France in 2005 as Boudu (not great) and in Hollywood as "Down in out in Beverley Hills", with Nick Nolte (which isn't bad) but this is the original and best and nice to see a cinema re-release of a real classic.

Martin V (ag) wrote: A total classic from the 80's, great action sequences, great practical effects, and acting, nice story, and pretty memorable quotes, "get to the choppa" and people who dislike this must be kids or stupid, movies likes this are few this days.

Marcio R (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever, and one that everyone should watch! Logan, Emma and Ezra are absolutely amazing and their characters are unforgetable, with a deep and outstanding story.

Ashley H (ag) wrote: Undisputed is a disappointing film. It is about a heavyweight champion who lands in prison and a resident gangster who arranges a boxing match with the reining prison champ. Ving Rhames, Peter Falk and Wesley Snipes are the only good things in this film. The script is boring and predictable. Walter Hill did a horrible job directing this movie. I would not recommend Undisputed.