• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Maraton 2001 full movies, Maraton torrents movie

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Maraton torrent reviews

Christian B (kr) wrote: Hilarious, light hearted and clever. Plus, Burlesque dancing!

John B (us) wrote: Memorable documentary on the trials and tribulations of those who protested the Vietnam war...who actually were in Vietnam. The history of the soliders who rebelled on the field and their lives afterwards. A good addition to the Vietnam canon of film.

ashwin j (gb) wrote: criss cross extra marital affairs

Edgar C (kr) wrote: An instant personal favorite. Filled with magic realism, it's an unforgettable road trip film whose script seems natural despite the quirkiness and soap opera sequences. It's lovable and joyful, and it's a celebration of the many facets of love: meditative love for self in solitude, love for what we can't have, love for the unknown and fascinating, love for home and family, love for what stays with us from the beginning. The characters are a gleeful combination of individual souls which easy the ride and add laughs wherever the story goes. This movie is beyond adorable, in practically every way.

Thomas T (ca) wrote: Scary Movie is very immature in the correct way possible. Scary Movie 2 continues that tone in the wrong direction.

Jason M (nl) wrote: Sandler is starting to go downhill. Big Daddy isn't funny and it's a mesh of styles that don't go well together.

Gabbo P (mx) wrote: Review coming soon...

Roberto R (au) wrote: A modern day Romeo & Juliet or Westside story, set in New York in the late eighties. The two teenagers fall in love but he is Italian and she is Chinese. So, there is ??gonna?? be trouble between some petty crooks in china town and little Italy, as both Tony (Richard Panebianco) and Tye (Sari Chang) siblings are both involved and they don??t like each other.Quite bland acting by the two young leads but David Caruso kind of steals it with his bigoted character called ??Mercury??. As it??s the 80s the music in the film seems really loud as the gangs batter each other, in their pulled up sleeved jackets and up turned collars. Also, the hair somewhat ??quiffy?? for both sexes! When the mobsters get involved in the violence between the gangs (as they want the warring sides to stop), it gets slightly gory.Not a classic film by Abel Ferrara but as it is him behind the camera; it is well shot and shows a somewhat realistic and gritty city

James M (nl) wrote: Tacky sci-fi rubbish, seemingly filmed on a budget which was change from a postage stamp

Greg W (gb) wrote: year s/b 1949 not 2oo1

Dave J (nl) wrote: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 (1945) Along Came Jones WESTERN Based from a novel called "The Useless Cowboy" written by Alan Le May starring Gary Cooper as an unconvincing bumpkin whose never held a gun in his life despite being taller than majority of it's cast but he still gets mistaken as a ruthless outlaw. Upon watching this film, one should be able to tell actor Gary Cooper handpicked Loretta Young to star as his leading lady since he was also credited as producer. It's made like a made-for-tv movie except that it's in black and white- this film is so lame it almost looks like that it was originally made for kids. 1 out of 4

Dara K (ru) wrote: Red Skelton, Esther Williams, and Basil Rathbone. Need I say more?

Russ B (jp) wrote: 5/24/2015: Other than a couple decent scenes, this was not a great movie.

Tsutomu Y (nl) wrote: That's So Hugh Grant!

Walter Black Walt R (de) wrote: I dont know why this movie doesnt have a higher overall score, its great and totally does what it sets out to do. Its like a homage to Mel Brook's History of the World part 1. all of the famous actors that appear in it are amazing (oliver platt and david cross shine). Its totally cool how in a way they progress through the ages. its a great buddy movie that has a good message (any one can be the chosen one) and is filled with laughs. ten out of five!

John M (fr) wrote: This horror/comedy puts the "fun" in Funhouse! A great story line and a great cast take the audience for the ride of a lifetime. The villains are simultaneously evil and likable. Mars Crain is perfect as Rocco the Clown. Candice De Visser shines as Dollface. JJ Bell creates a lovable "Animal the Cannibal" psychopath. Clint Howard brings a subtle humor to the Taxidermist. Sebastian Siegel embodies everyone's fear of their dentist. Jere Burns personifies Mental Manny. Perhaps most surprising is the laugh out loud portrayal of the personable chef Gerardo by Erick Chavarria. One can only hope that AMC targets The Funhouse Massacre for broader's a movie you'll be sorry that you missed.