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"Margaret" follows the course of eight years in the life of a young Korean Orphan who suffers from Kidney Disease. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Margaret torrent reviews

Jennie M (es) wrote: Quirky. Cute. A little slow, but I stilled liked it. Great acting.

Nicholas W (de) wrote: From the opening credits the feeling of dread and empathy is created. From the black screen with the clock slowly ticking away gives you a sene of anxiety and fear. This is what life for Mumia must be. Exept we can leave the cinema and go out into the world where he must face the 4 walls with the false convictions upon him. The presenter goes into it without a sence of biass and this is potrayed over well. A must for documentary fans and those who feel Mumia should finally be released from death row

Singh A (kr) wrote: Simply pure awesomeness

Daniel B (nl) wrote: I can see why this wasn't liked, but there's far worse things out there. I'm giving it 5 stars just to increase the rating.

Will M (nl) wrote: best movie ever loved it

Kevin M (fr) wrote: a nice little thriller with plenty of tricks to pull and an enjoyable roster of characters

Andrew R (br) wrote: Entertaining and gorgeous to watch, but a bit below Godard's usual standards.

Alessandra C (jp) wrote: Un triangolo (poi quasi un quadrato) amoroso, commedia piacevole e brillante (piuttosto spregiudicata per l'epoca), con dialoghi pungenti e il classico tocco sofisticato alla Lubitsch

Bryan J (ca) wrote: Saoirse Ronan is perfect, and Joe Wright handles this film the same way he did Atonement - masterfully.